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Thursday, May 21, 2020


B. Com.: Semester VI
Paper B.C. 6.2 (d): Consumer Protection
Internal Assessment -30
Term End Exam - 70
Marks: 100
Lectures: 65

Objective: This paper seeks to familiarize the students with of their rights as consumer, the social framework of consumer rights and legal framework of protecting consumer rights. It also provides an understanding of the procedure of redress of consumer complains, and the role of different agencies in establishing product and service standards. The student should be able to comprehend the business firms’ interface with consumers and the consumer related regulatory and business environment.
Unit 1: Conceptual Framework
13 Lectures                20
Consumer and Markets: Concepts of Consumer, Nature of markets, Concept of Price in Retail and Wholesale, Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and Local Taxes, Fair Price, labeling and packaging.
Experiencing and voicing Dissatisfaction: Consumer satisfaction/dissatisfaction- Grievances-complaint, Consumer Complaining Behaviour: Alternatives available to dissatisfied Consumers; Internal and External Complaint handling: Corporate Redress Systems and Public Redress Systems.
Unit 2: The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (CPA)
13 Lectures          20
Objectives and Basic Concepts: Consumer, goods, service, defect in goods, deficiency in service, spurious goods and services, unfair trade practice, restrictive trade practice.

Organizational set-up under the Consumer Protection Act: Advisory Bodies: consumer Protection Councils at the Central, State and District Levels, Basic Consumer Rights; Adjudicatory Bodies: District Forums, State Commissions, National Commission: Their Composition, Powers and Jurisdiction (Pecuniary and Territorial), Role of Supreme Court
under the CPA.
Unit 3: Grievance Redress Mechanism under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986:
13 Lectures                    20
Who can file a complaint? Grounds of filing a complaint; Limitation period; Procedure for filing and hearing of a complaint; Disposal of cases, Relief/Remedy to be provided; Temporary Injunction, Enforcement of order, Appeal, frivolous and vexatious complaints; Offences and penalties.
Seven Leading Cases decided under Consumer Protection Act: Medical Negligence; Banking; Insurance; Housing and Real Estate; Electricity, Eater and Telecom Services; Education; Defective Product; Unfair Trade Practice.
Unit 4: Industry Regulators and Consumer Complaint Redress Mechanism
13 Lectures                20
i. Banking: RBI and Banking Ombudsman
ii. Insurance: IDRA and Insurance Ombudsman
iii. Telecommunication: TRAI
iv. Food Products: FSSI (an overview)
v. Electricity Supply: Electricity Regulatory Commission
vi. Advertising; ASCI
Unit 5: Consumerism in India
13 Lectures               20
Consumer Movement in India: Evolution of Consumer Movement in India. Formation of consumer organizations and their role in consumer protection. Recent developments in Consumer Protection in India, National Consumer Helpline, Citizens Charter, Product testing.
Quality and Standardization: Voluntary and Mandatory standards; Role of BIS, Indian Standards Mark (ISI), Ag-mark, Hallmarking, Licensing and Surveillance; ISO: A Overview.
Suggested Readings:
1. Khanna, Sri Ram, Savita Hanspal, Sheetal Kapoor, and H.K. Awasthi. Consumer Affairs” (2007) Delhi University Publication.
2. Aggarwal, V.K. (2003). Consumer Protection: Law and Practice. 5 thed. Bharat Law House, Delhi, or latest edition.
3. Girimaji, Pushpa (2002). Consumer Right for Everyone Penguin Books.
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6. Rajyalaxmi Rao, Consumer is King. Universal Law Publishing Company.
7. Empowering Consumers e-book,
8. ebook,
9. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986
1. Verma, D.P.S. (2007). Developments in Consumer Protection in India: Challenges and Tasks Ahead in J.S. Panwar, et. al. (Eds) Consumerism in India, RBS Publishers, Jaipur.
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1. Consumer Protection Judgements (CPJ) (Relevant cases reported in various issues)
2. Recent issues of magazines: Insight, published y CERC, Ahmadabad ‘Consumer Voice’ published by VOICE Society, New Delhi.
3. Upbhoka Jagaran, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India.
Note: The Latest edition of text books and Acts should be used.

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