Dibrugarh University Question Papers: International Marketing (May' 2018)

2018 (May)
COMMERCE (Specialty)
Course: 601 (International Marketing)
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
(New Course)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24
1. Answer the following as directed:     1x8=8
a)      International marketing and foreign trade are the same.           (Write True or False)
b)      Write the full form of EPRG.
c)       Mention any one of the problems in international marketing.
d)      Is India a member of ASEAN?       (Write Yes or No)
e)      Staying competitive in the international market is the only way to survive for long-term in international marketing.          (Write True or False)
f)       Products which can be purchased frequently, immediately and with little efforts are called ______ products.         (Fill in the blank)
g)      Purchasing power of an individual depends upon
                     i.      Income
                   ii.      Savings
                  iii.      Prices, debts and credit availability
                 iv.      All of the above              (Choose the correct one)
h)      A GP form is a gate pass for the removal of excisable goods from a factory or warehouse.           (Write True or False)
2. Write short notes on any four of the following:        4x4+16

a)      Features of international marketing
b)      Essential features of a good brand
c)       Methods of payments in international marketing
d)      Direct mailing
e)      Letter of credit
f)       Promotional aspects of packaging
3. (a) What do you mean by international marketing? How does international marketing differ from domestic marketing?             4+10=14
(b) Explain various factors which influence the international marketing environment.       14
4. (a) Discuss the procedure of exporting goods. What are the significances of the export documentations?            10+4=14
(b) Describe in brief, the process of identifying and selecting foreign markets.           14
5. (a) Discuss the advantages of product standardization worldwide. Under what circumstances should the product be adopted to local conditions?                   7+7=14
(b) What do you mean by international pricing? Explain the factors influencing international pricing decision in the overseas markets.                          4+10=14
6. (a) Discuss the role of various promotional methods in international marketing.  14
(b) Discuss the various components of logistics management in international marketing. What role does e-logistics play in overseas marketing?                   9+5=14
(Old Course)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
1. Answer the following as directed:               1x8=8
a)      Marketing capabilities is a ______ environment affecting international marketing.          (Fill in the blank)
b)      EXIM Bank of India was set up in 1982.               (Write True or False)
c)       Which one of the new product development process?
                     i.      Analysis stage
                   ii.      Concept and market testing stage
                  iii.      Product development stage
                 iv.      Commercialization stage                  (Choose the correct one)
d)      What does FOB stands for?
e)      WTO came into existence on 1st January, 1995, replacing _____.          (Fill in the blank)
f)       Bill of lading is an auxiliary document in international marketing.          (Write True or False)
g)      In case of ex-factory price quotation, all the expenses and risks are borne by the buyer right from the manufacturer’s doorsteps.              (Write True or False)
h)      MNC’s help decrease competition and increase domestic monopolies.             (Write True or False)
2. Write short notes on any four of the following:                    4x4=16
a)      Scope of international marketing
b)      PLC in international marketing
c)       Packaging
d)      Marginal cost pricing
e)      Trade fairs
f)       Domestic marketing vs. International marketing
3. (a) Discuss the features of international marketing. Explain the problems faced in international marketing.           7+4=11
(b) Explain the various methods of entering into foreign markets.            11
4. (a) What do you mean by import trade and export trade? Explain the export policy and practices in India.             2+2+7=11
(b) Explain different modes of payments in international marketing.                11
5. (a) What do you mean by product designing? Describe the product planning process for introducing a new product in international market.        2+10=12
(b) What do you mean by product standardization and product adaptation? Explain their role and significance in international marketing.              2+2+8=12
6. (a) Discuss the various principal ways of export price quotation to overseas buyers.         11
(b) What do you mean by export pricing? Discuss the objectives of international pricing.                3+8=11
7. (a) Explain the role of advertising and personal selling in promoting a product in international markets.         6+5=11
(b) Discuss the factors affecting the choice of channels of distribution in international markets.      11

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