NIOS Solved Papers: Business Studies (215) - Oct' 2015

Time : 3 Hours ] [ Maximum Marks : 100
1. Extraction of timber from forests is an example of:    1
(A) Primary Industry (B) Genetic Industry
(C) Extractive Industry (D) Manufacturing Industry
Ans.:- (C) Extractive Industry
2. Minimum numbers required to form a public company is:      1
(A) 2 (B) 7 (C) 10 (D) 20
Ans.:- (B) 7
3. Members of Joint Hindu Family are known as:             1
(A) Owners (B) Coparceners (C) Partners (D) Shareholders
Ans.:- (B) Coparceners

4. In which of the following form of organisation liability of the members is unlimited?              1
(A) Private company (B) Partnership
(C) Public company (D) Cooperative Society
Ans.:- (B) Partnership
5. Which is not an advantage of rail transport?  1
(A) It is relatively faster than road transport
(B) It is suitable for carrying heavy goods in large quantities over long distance
(C) It is a flexible mode of transport
(D) It is a convenient mode of transport for travelling long distances.
Ans.:- (C) It is a flexible mode of transport
6. Amogh, a businessman got his godown insured against fire for Rs. One lack. One day fire took place and goods of the value of Rs. 80,000 were destroyed. Amogh put up the claim to the insurance company for Rs. 1 lakh. Insurance company did not accept the claim for Rs. 1 lakh but accepted it for Rs. 80,000. Under which principle of insurance, Insurance Company took the decision?
(A) Utmost Good faith (B) Insurable Interest (C) Indemnity (D) Contribution
Ans.: (C) Indemnity
7. Newspapers are suitable for advertising:        1
(A) Products required by target customers
(B) Agricultural products meant for farmers
(C) Consumer goods designed for general public
(D) Products that require live demonstration
Ans.:- (A) Products required by target customers
8. State Commission has the jurisdiction to deal with all complaints where the value of goods or the compensation claimed does not exceed:           1
(A) Rs. 10 lakh (B) Rs. 20 lakh (C) Rs. 50 lakh (D) Rs. One crore
Ans.:- (C) Rs. 50 lakh
9. Career Path means:   1
(A) Work done in different job positions
(B) Way adopted for career
(C) Getting a job title
(D) Getting professional degree
Ans.:- (B) Way adopted for career
10. Which is not a quality of a successful entrepreneur?               1
(A) Motivation (B) Willingness to assume risk
(C) Decision making ability (D) Lack of self confidence
Ans.:- (D) Lack of self confidence

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