NIOS Solved Papers: Business Studies (215) - April' 2013 (OLD COURSE)

Time : 3 Hours ] [ Maximum Marks : 100
1. Which of the following is not an economic objective of business?                         1
(A) Creation of employment (B) Creation of customers (C) Profit earning (D) Regular innovation
Ans.:- (D) Regular innovation
2. Disposal of solid waste of industries mines and quarries causes                             1
(A) Noise pollution (B) Air pollution (C) Land pollution (D) Water pollution
Ans.:- (C) Land pollution

3. Dairy Farming is an example of which type of industry?                                              1
(A) Genetic industry (B) Secondary industry (C) Extractive industry (D) Tertiary industry
Ans.:- (A) Genetic industry
4. In a cooperative society, the principle followed is                                                         1
(A) One share one vote (B) One man one vote
(C) Multiple votes (D) No vote
Ans.:- (B) One man one vote
5. Which of the following is the liability of a minor partner?                                         1
(A) Unlimited liability (B) No liability (C) Limited liability (D) None of the above
Ans.:- (B) No liability
6. Communication through the use of various parts of human body is called          1
(A) Body language communication
(B) Gestural communication
(C) Oral Communication
(D) Verbal communication
Ans.:- (A) Body language communication
7. After sending an invoice, if the seller notice that the goods delivered to the buyer have been undercharged, he can rectify the mistake by preparing a                  1
(A) Credit note (B) Debit note (C) Letter of advice (D) Letter of regret
Ans.:- (B) Debit note
8. Santosh purchased a diesel car for Rs. 7 lacs from an automobile company and found its engine being defective. Despite many complaints the defect was not rectified. Suggest him the appropriate authority to file his compliant under Consumer Protection Act.             1
(A) District Forum (B) State commission (C) National commission (D) High court
Ans.:- (A) District Forum
9. Self employment provides opportunities of earning livelihood for those unable to pursue.1
(A) Wage employment (B) Confidence (C) Creativity (D) Higher education
Ans.:- (D) Higher education
10. What do you understand by ‘Guilds’ system?                                                                3
Ans.:- “Guilds” system means an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

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