NIOS Solved Papers: Business Studies (215) - Oct' 2014

Time : 3 Hours ] [ Maximum Marks : 100
1. Karta is related to which form of organisation?            1
(A) Sole proprietorship (B) Partnership 
(C) Joint Hindu family business (D) Co-operative society
Ans.:- (C) Joint Hindu family business
2. In which form of organisation its share can be transferred freely?      1
(A) Sole Proprietorship (B) Partnership firms
(C) Joint stock companies (D) Private company
Ans.:- (A) Sole Proprietorship

3. What is the minimum number of members which are required to form a cooperative society?            1
(A) 2 (B) 7 (C) 10 (D) 20
Ans.:- (B) 7
4. Which of the following type of warehouses are used to store imported goods for which import duty is yet to be paid?                1
(A) Public warehouses (B) Government warehouses
(C) Bonded warehouses (D) Cooperative warehouses
Ans.:- (C) Bonded warehouses
5. Ships plying over a fixed route and following a prescribed timetable are called:          1
(A) Cargo (B) Charterparty (C) Liners (D) Tramp
ans.:- (A) Cargo
6. Which of the following is a tool of sales promotion? 1
(A) Free samples (B) Advertisement (C) Publicity (D) Personal selling
Ans.:- (A) Free samples
7. The ultimate objective of personal selling is:                1
(A) To raise standard of living (B) Provide better quality of products (C) More satisfaction to customers (D) Increase sale of products
Ans.:- (D) Increase sale of products
8. Consumers are unable to make use of their rights due to the lack of:                1
(A) Awareness and ignorance (B) Funds (C) Education (D) Coverage
Ans.:- (A) Awareness and ignorance
9. While selecting a line of business an entrepreneur must keep in his/her mind:           1
(A) Profitability (B) Risk involved (C) Profits (D) All above
Ans.:- (D) All above
10. Self employment means:     1
(A) A contract between the employer and employee
(B) Serving another person for salary or wages
(C) Engaging in some economic activity of his/her own
(D) None of the above
Ans.:- (C) Engaging in some economic activity of his/her own 

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