NIOS Solved Papers: Business Studies (215) - Oct' 2016

Time : 3 Hours ] [ Maximum Marks : 100
1. Which of the following is not a feature of sole proprietorship?            1
(A) Single ownership (B) Agreement (C) Ease of formation (D) Unlimited liability
Ans.:- (B) Agreement
2. Which of the following is not an example of Consumer’s Co-operative Societies?      1
(A) Kendriya Bhandar (B) Apna Bazaar (C) Super Bazar (D) Urban Cooperative Banks
Ans.:- (D) Urban Cooperative Banks
3. Which of the following is an example of a government company?      1
(A) Coal India Ltd. (B) General Motors Ltd. (C) Hyundai India Ltd. (D) Philips India Ltd.
Ans.:- (A) Coal India Ltd.

4. Goods for which import duty is not paid are kept in which of the following kinds of warehouses? 1
(A) Private (B) Public (C) Government (D) Bonded
Ans.:- (D) Bonded
5. This is an electronic device that enables instant transmission of any matter. Which may be handwritten or printed like letters, diagrams, graphs, sketches etc.                1
(A) Fax (B) Voice-mail   (C) Telephone (D) Audio-conferencing
Ans.:- (A) Fax
6. A milk shaker along with Nescafe is an example of which of the following: 1
(A) Exchange schemes (B) Free samples (C) Coupons (D) Premium or bonus offer
Ans.:- (B) Free samples
7. Which of the following is a direct channel of distribution?     1
(A) Producer – Agent – Consumer
(B) Producer – Retailer – Consumer
(C) Producer – Wholesaler – Consumer
(D) Producer – Consumer
Ans.:- (D) Producer – Consumer
8. This Act formulates quality standards for goods and their certification.                            1
(A) Industries Act, 1951
(B) Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986
(C) Consumer Protection Act, 1986
(D) Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954
Ans.:- (B) Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986
9. While deciding the location of the business the entrepreneur should consider:          1
(A) Sources of supply of raw material
(B) Nearness to the market
(C) Availability of labour and transportation
(D) All the above
Ans.:- (D) All the above
10. Self employment in small scale farming activities does not include:                1
(A) Dairy (B) Carpentry (C) Poultry (D) Fishery
Ans.:- (B) Carpentry

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