NIOS Solved Papers: Business Studies (215) - Oct' 2017

Time: 3 Hours [Maximum Marks : 100]
Note: (i) All questions are compulsory. (ii) Marks allotted for each question are indicated against it.
1. The male members of a Joint Hindu Family business are called:          1
(A) Coparceners (B) Members (C) Agents (D) Partners
Ans.:- (A) Coparceners
2. One man’s capital is a feature of:        1
(A) Company (B) Joint Hindu Family (C) Sole Proprietorship (D) Partnership
Ans.:- (C) Sole Proprietorship
3. Perpetual succession is a feature of: 1
(A) Sole Proprietorship (B) Partnership (C) Joint Stock Company (D) Limited Liability Partnership
Ans.:- (D) Limited Liability Partnership

4. By what means Petroleum and natural gas is transported from one place to another?1
 (A) Pipelines transport (B) Ropeways Transport (C) Sledges (D) Railways
Ans.:- (A) Pipelines transport
5. The focus of this outsourcing is knowledge expertise:              1
(A) Back office outsourcing (B) Knowledge Processing outsourcing (C) Front office outsourcing (D) Business Processing outsourcing
Ans.:- (B) Knowledge Processing outsourcing
6. Which of the following insurance principle, the insured must take all possible steps to reduce the loss or damage to the subject matter of insurance?             1
 (A) Contribution (B) Subrogation (C) Causa-proxima (D) Mitigation
Ans.:- (D) Mitigation
7. The boards on which advertisements are painted or electronically designed so that they are visible during day or night are called:           1
(A) Vehicular displays (B) Hoardings (C) Posters (D) Internet Advertising
Ans.:- (B) Hoardings
8. The following court is not regarded as a consumer court:        1
(A) District Forum (B) Supreme Court (C) State Commission (D) National Commission
Ans.:- (B) Supreme Court
9. Telephone booths, beauty parlours, repair shops are not a type of:   1
(A) Wage employment (B) Self employment (C) Sole proprietorship (D) One man control
Ans.:- (A) Wage employment
10. A person in self employment should not be:               1
 (A) Knowledgeable (B) Honest (C) Mentally Imbalanced (D) Hard working
Ans.:- (C) Mentally Imbalanced

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