NIOS Solved Papers: Business Studies (215) - April' 2017

Time : 3 Hours ] [ Maximum Marks : 100
1.  Which of the following principles is followed in a co-operative society?           1
(A) One share one vote (B) One man one vote (C) Multiple votes (D) No vote
Ans.:- (B) One man one vote
2. Which of the following is not an advantage of rail transport?                                   1
(A) It is faster than road transport
(B) It is suitable for heavy goods over long distance.
(C) It is flexible mode of transport.
(D) It is a convenient mode of transport for long distance.
Ans.:- (C) It is flexible mode of transport.

3. Ships which belong to a regular shipping company and play over a fixed route on a prescribed time table. Are called: 1
(A) Tramps (B) Charter Party (C) Liners (D) Cargo
Ans.:- (D) Cargo
4. Ashok got his godown insured for Rs 2 lakhs. Goods of the value of Rs. 1,60,000 was destroyed due to fire Ashok put up a claim of Rs. 2 lakhs to the company took thus decision under which principle of insurance? 1
(A) Utmost Good faith (B) Insurable Interest (C) Indemnity (D) Contribution
Ans.:- (D) Contribution
5. A person wants to buy goods in bulk, the best mode of purchase for him will be:        1
(A) Purchase by inspection (B) Purchase by sample (C) Purchase by description (D) Purchase from nearest shop.
Ans.:- (B) Purchase by sample
6. The shops which are owned by the same owner and located in different parts of the city or country are known as:    1
(A) Departmental Store (B) Super Bazaar (C) Multiple Shops (D) Mail Order Business
Ans.:- (C) Multiple Shops
7. ‘Clearance Sale – Discount upto 80% ‘ is a/an:
(A) Sale on Approval (B) Auction Sale (C) Wash Sale (D) Sale through tender
Ans.:- (C) Wash Sale
8. Consumers are unable to make use of their rights due to lack of: 1
(A) Awareness (B) Funds (C) Education (D) Coverage
Ans.:- (A) Awareness
9. Samiksha purchased a car for Rs 10 lakhs and found its engine defective. Despite many complaints to the dealer the defect was not rectified. Suggest her the appropriate authority to file her complaint under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
(A) District Forum (B) State Commission (C) National Commission (D) Supreme Court
Ans.:- (A) District Forum
10. Wage employment means:                                                                                                    1
(A) Doing a business. (B) Engaging in some economic activity on his own (C) Managing an economic activity on his own (D) Serving another person for wages or salary.
Ans.:- (D) Serving another person for wages or salary.

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