NIOS Solved Papers: SOCIAL SCIENCE (213) - April' 2012

APRIL 2012
1.  Answer the following questions in one sentence each                            1x6=6
(i) Name any tow tributeries of river Ganga.
Ans.:- Left-bank tributaries include Gomati River and Right-bank tributaries include Yamuna River.
(ii) Define Bangar.
Ans.:- Bangar is the old alluvial soil. It is less fertile and has less fine particles than khaddar soil.
(iii) Which season is associated with Besant Panchmi?
Ans.:- Besant Panchmi is a famous festival that marks the end of the winter season and ushers in the springtime.
(iv) In which state the Hazaribagh wild life sanctuary is situated?
Ans.:- It extended from Bhagalpur in Bihar in the north to Orissa in the south stretching from Hazaribagh to the borders of Bengal.

(v) Give an example of a cooperative sector industry.
Ans.:- Sugar industry in Maharashtra,
(vi) Define District roads.
Ans.:- Zila Parisad has been made responsible for constructing roads that connect district headquarters with other cities and towns of the district. These roads are called district roads.
2. To which estate do the ordinary people of France belong to?                1
Ans.:- The ordinary people belong to, The third estate.
3. Give names of any two countries which signed the Triple Entente.    1
Ans.:- England, Russia and France signed the Triple Entente in 1907.
4. Define the term Death rate.  1
Ans.:- Death Rate: The number of deaths per thousand of population in a given year under a particular territory is called Crude Death Rate (popularly known as death rate).
5. What is meant by Endogamy?                  1
Ans.:- Endogamy: - Marriage within a specific group as required by custom or law.
6. What is the effect of early marriage on the growth of population of a country?            1
Ans.:- It increases the population.
7. Which monuments were built by the Buddhists?
                (A) Pyramids
                (B) Stupas
                (C) Great wall of China
                (D) Great Bath
Ans.:- (B) Stupas
8. Which one of the following is the standard Meridian of India?            
                (A) 82.5  east longitude
                (B) 82.5  west longitude
                (C) 68.7  east longitude
                (D) 68.7  west longitude
Ans.:- (A) 82.5  east longitude
9. Which state has the lowest density of population in India?
                (A) Andhra Pradesh
                (B) Arunachal Pradesh
                (C) Uttar Pradesh
                (D) West Bengal
Ans.:- (A) Andhra Pradesh
10. The First Anglo-Mysore War took place in the year:
                (A) 1757
                (B) 1764
                (C) 1766
                (D) 1775
Ans.:- (C) 1766

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