NIOS Solved Papers: SOCIAL SCIENCE (213) - April' 2013

APRIL 2013
1. Which of the following is the length of land boundary of India?
                (A) 6100 km                        (B) 15200 km
                (C) 16200 km                      (D) 17200 km
Ans.:- (B) 15200 km
2. The word mausim belongs to which one of the following languages?
                (A) Hindi                             (B) Urdu
                (C) Arabic                            (D) Persian
Ans.:- (C) Arabic
3. Which of the following values is not taken in the preamble of our constitution?
                (A) Sovereignty                                (B) Socialism
                (C) Communism                               (D) Secularism
Ans.:- (C) Communism 
4. The word democracy has its origin in which ancient civilization of the world?
                (A) Persian                         (B) Greek
                (C) Roman                           (D) Egyptian
Ans.:- (B) Greek

5. Mention the names of two countries which had an advanced civilization during the Bronze Age?2
Ans.:- The two countries with advanced civilisation during the Bronze Age were Mesopotamia and Egypt.
6. Mention the two titles given by the British government to the Indians.                           2
Ans.:- Knighthood and Sir are the two titles given by British government to India.
7. Write two reasons responsible for the rise of communalism.                2
Ans.:- Some of the major causes of communalism in India are as follows:
a)      Presence of Communal Parties
b)      Isolation of Muslims
8. Define the term ‘sustainable development’. 2
Ans.:- The concept of sustainable development has emerged as an alternative model that will halt environmental degradation. Although sustainable development has been used in a number of contexts with different meanings, it has a particular meaning in the context of environment and development relationships.
9. Describe any four features of feudalism prevalent in Europe in the medieval period.               4
Ans.:- The feudal system was a pyramidal or a hierarchical system which flourished during medieval period in Europe. Its four main features were:
a)      The king was at the topmost level of the feudal system. Below him were nobles known as barons followed by knights.
b)      The serfs or the peasants occupied the lowest strata in the feudal system.
c)       The castle was the chief characteristic of feudalism. The feudal Lords lived in huge castles or forts. The living house and court of the Lord existed inside the castle.
d)      The King gave lands to barons and the latter provided troops to the king.
10. Explain any four reasons responsible for the commencement of Renaissance in Italy during the fourteenth century.                4
Ans.:- The Italian Renaissance is best known for its achievements in painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, philosophy, science and exploration. Italy became the recognized European leader in all these areas by the late 15th century, during the Peace of Lodi (1454-1494) agreed between Italian states. The Italian Renaissance peaked in the mid-16th century as domestic disputes and foreign invasions plunged the region into the turmoil of the Italian Wars (1494-1559). However, the ideas and ideals of the Italian Renaissance endured and spread into  the rest of Europe, setting off the Northern Renaissance. Italian explorers from the maritime republics served under the auspices of European monarchs, ushering the Age of discovery. The most famous among them are Christopher Columbus who sailed for Spain, Giovanni da Verrazzano for France, Amerigo Vespucci for Portugal, and John Cabot for England. Italian scientists such as Falloppio, Tartaglia, Galileo, Torricelli, played a key role in the scientific revolution and foreigners such as Copernicus and Vesalius worked in Italian universities. Various events and dates of the 17th century, such as the conclusion of the European Wars f Religion in 1648, have been proposed for the end of the Renaissance.

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