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Tuesday, August 11, 2020


The world we live in used to be a place where everyone is just running towards something, towards a goal or towards life until a serious crisis took place. Around the mid of March 2020, the entire world was hit by a serious and a dangerous pandemic known as COVID-19. The spread of the infection put a lot of lives in danger. Many people even lost their loved ones and while we all had to overcome some or the other difficulty, one of the major experience everyone encountered was living in quarantine.

Living in isolation in such a social world is itself a task. The opinion or experience of quarantine varies among every individual. However recently, a research was conducted where the respondents (18-22 years of age) were asked certain questions about their experiences with reference to quarantine. In the study, it was find out that around 78.6% of people have voted quarantine as benefitted. People got a break from everyday life’s hustle and have got plenty of time to engage in stuffs that the normal running life doesn’t allow. They had got time to think about every tiny little thing either related to their own lives or the world around. Approximately 82% of the people addressed that they have developed a new hobby or interest in the past four months and the same percentage claims to spend around 2-3 hours every day doing something productive. Another thing for betterment that took place during the last four months was that all the people would take out and spend time with their families. Before the pandemic, it was tough to recall the last time the whole family sat together for supper or just to discuss their lives with each other. As people are confined into doors, there is more of an interaction happening amongst blood connected. However, every coin has two sides, if the quarantine has its pros, it also has its cons. 61% of people on an average have faced mental pressure due to isolation. Not being able to socialize has caused an effect on mental peace that led to building up of irritation and frustration within individuals.

However, while the whole world is still trying to adjust to the new ways of living, a major role has been played by the social media platforms during the past few months. As always, the role has been double faced. It was social media platforms mostly that kept us updated with all the prime information such as a number of cases rising, the new policy decided by the government or creating awareness about whatever happening around the world. Social media platforms were the only bridge of virtual socialization with friends and family who stay far. While on one hand, social media acted as a pain killer for majority of the people, it also caused chaos and confusion by the spread of fake news. While each and every one of us suffered from frustration and agitation, a considerable amount of people who got their family members, relatives, friends or close ones tested positive for COVID-19 went through some serious stress and mental breakdown. The trauma they had to go through is unimaginable to even think of.

However, not forgetting to mention that no matter how difficult the past few months were for the whole world, one thing that every one of us realized is to be grateful about the little things that we forget to acknowledge in our daily lives. Even if staying in isolation did benefit the majority of the people, there is no one who doesn’t dream of the normal days to return back. But in the end, looking back at the past few months, the world has overcome a life threatening crisis. So, let’s just take a tiny moment to appreciate everyone around us, including ourselves.


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