Dibrugarh University B.Com First Sem: Business Communication-I Question Papers (Nov' 2019)

Business Communication Question Papers 2019 (November)
Dibrugarh University B.Com 1st Sem (Non-CBCS)
COMMERCE (General/Speciality)
Course: 101 (Business Communication - I)
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24

1. Choose the right alternatives of the following:                              1x4=4

a)         Identify the correct sequence of the following:

1)         Source, channel, message, receiver.

2)         Source, receiver, channel, message.

3)         Source, message, receiver, channel.

4)         Source, message, channel receiver.

b)         To excel in a group discussion, it is necessary to develop

1)         Listening skills.

2)         Interactive skills.

3)         Speaking skills.

c)          The difference between a menu and a letter is in the

1)         Tone and style.

2)         Message.

3)         Addressee.

d)         Grapevine is a kind of _______ communication.

1)         Lateral.

2)         Formal.

3)         Informal.

2. Write True or False of the following:                                   1x4=4

a)         Communication is the process of sharing information, ideas, concepts and messages between two persons or more.

b)         Language can never be a barrier for effective communication.

c)          Good listening is very important for an effective communication process.

d)         Seminars and group discussions are the same.

3. Write answer to each of the following questions in about 100 words:                                                 4x4=16

a)         Discuss the importance of effective communication in a managerial function.

b)         Elaborate four barriers of communication.

c)          What is a mock interview? Explain.

d)         Discuss the format of a business letter.

4. Define communication. Discuss the communication process with a suitable diagram.                  4+10=14


What is effective communication? Explain David Berlo’s model for effective communication.                  4+10=14

5. What is miscommunication? Elaborate five external barriers of communication.                            4+10=14


What is informal communication? Mention its forms. Elaborate its advantages and disadvantages.       4+4+6=14

6. What is group discussion? Explain. How can a candidate be successful in a group discussion?                   4+10=14


Write an explanatory note on effective listening.                          14

7. What is a sales letter? What are the characteristics of a good sales letter?                        4+10=14


What is a collection letter? Describe the different series of collection letter. Draft a first series of collection letter as a reminder to collect the overdue balance of 1 lakh rupees from S. Jalan, proprietor of S. J. Associates. You are B. K. Sahu, General Manager, AD Electronics Company Pvt. Ltd., Guwahati 1. Give an appropriate address.                                 4+4+6=14


Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

1. Choose the right alternatives:                                               1x4=4

a)         Message is the actual _______ that forms an integral part of communication.

1)         Information.

2)         Sender.

3)         Channel.

b)         Interaction with superiors in a corporate organization is referred to as

1)         Vertical communication.

2)         Diagonal communication.

3)         Lateral communication.

c)          A sales presentation is to _______ the audience.

1)         Irritate.

2)         Motivate.

3)         De-motivate.

d)         Eye contact is a part of

1)         Kinesics.

2)         Proxemics.

3)         Paralanguage.

2. Write True or False of the following:                                   1x4=4

a)         A sales presentation is an advertisement.

b)         For success of any communication, a proper audience analysis is very necessary.

c)          Paralanguage is the study of the role of time in communication.

d)         Grapevine is the reliable channel of communication.

3. Write answer to each of the following questions in about 100 words:                                                 4x4=16

a)         Define video conferencing and mention its uses.

b)         List four characteristics of an effective sales presentation.

c)          Elaborate the importance of communication in managerial function.

d)         What is the difference between formal and informal communication? Give suitable examples.

4. Define business communication. Explain the basic forms of communication.                                   4+6=10


Describe any two models of communication.                                  5+5=10

5. What is miscommunication? Elaborate five sender-oriented barriers of communication.                           4+6=10


Describe the various communication networks.                                             10

6. What is a survey? How can a survey be made effective?                           4+6=10


What is an oral presentation? Give examples. What are the aids that can be used to make it effective?              3+3+4=10

7. What is non-verbal communication? Elaborate kinesics as a form of non-verbal communication with a few examples. 6+8=14


Describe elaborately paralanguage as a form of non-verbal communication.                    14

8. What is an e-mail? What are its advantages in the communication process? What are its disadvantages?        2+5+5=12


What is international communication? What role does cultural diversity play in international communication process? Give examples.                                                 4+8=12


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