Sales Management Question Papers' 2016 | Dibrugarh University Question Papers

 2016 (November)

COMMERC (Speciality)

Course: 503 (Sales Management)

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions


Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 24

Time: 3 hours

1. Answer the following as directed:

a)      Sales management is seller/buyer oriented.                    1 (Choose the correct one)

b)      Name the non-paid form of communication of information about the products.                     1

c)       Personal selling is an impersonal form of communication.     1(Write True or False)

d)      Sales organization and marketing organization are synonymous.       1              (Write True or False)

e)      Name the function involved in physical movement of goods from one place to another.           1

f)       Give two merits of sales promotion.                                                               2

g)      Write the full form of FMCG.

2. Write short notes on any four of the following:                4x4=16

a)      Formulation of sales strategy.

b)      External sources of recruitment of the sales force.

c)       Objections handling.

d)      Sales promotions plan for new products.

e)      Impact of online shopping.

f)       Approaching.

3. (a) Explain the nature and objectives of sales management.             7+7=14


(b) What do you mean by sales organization? What are the factors to be considered for developing a sales organization? Explain briefly.                                                  4+10=14

4. (a) Discuss the points you have to consider in managing a sales force for a large business organization.    14


(b) What is meant by selection process? Discuss the various steps involved in it.               4+10=14

5. (a) Explain the significance of personal selling. What are the limitations of personal selling?                     7+7=14


(b) What do you mean by approach? Discuss briefly the various methods of approaching the prospects.  4+10=14

6. (a) Discuss with suitable examples the various methods of sales promotion.                 14


(b) “Choice of an appropriate channel of distribution is a very important marketing decision which depends on various factors.” Discuss the statement.             14


(Personal Selling)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

Time: 3 hours

1. Answer the following as directed:

a)      Salesmanship includes/excludes personal selling.                     1              (Choose the correct one)

b)      Personal selling is a single-way communication.         (Write True or False)

c)       Mention two basic reasons for the failure of the salesman to close the sale effectively.   2

d)      The first step in the selling process is ____.           1                              (Fill in the blank)

e)      Write the full form of FMCG.                                1

f)       The prime objective of sales department is to increase sales/profits.    1(Choose the correct one)

g)      Sales planning are a part of overall managerial planning.         1(Write True or False)

2. Write short notes on any four of the following:          4x4=16

a)      Product knowledge.

b)      Prospecting.

c)       Significance of follow-up.

d)      Limitations of personal selling.

e)      Handling objections.

3. (a) Explain the nature and scope of personal selling.           6+6=12


(b) Discuss briefly the functions of a salesman.               12

4. (a) “Outstanding salesmen are self-made”, Explain the essential qualities of a good salesman in the light of this statement.                                         11


(b) Why should a salesman have –              5½ + 5½ = 11

i.            Knowledge of the company;

ii.            Knowledge of the customers?          

5. (a) Write an explanatory note on ‘scientific selling process’.                                    11


(b) Explain briefly the basic steps in personal selling.                                                               11

6. (a) What is an oral presentation? How can it be made effective?                           4+7=11


 (b) Distinguish between:                  5½ + 5½ = 11

i.            Approach and Pre-approach.

ii.            Approach and Presentation.

7. (a) Discuss the importance of closing in a sales talk.                                                     11


(b) Explain in brief the different types of objections.                                                       11

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