Dibrugarh University Question Papers: Business Environment (November 2019) | B.Com 1st Sem

2019 (November)

COMMERCE (General/Speciality)

Course: 104 (Business Environment)

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

(New Course)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 24

Time: 3 hours

1. Answer as directed:                                   1x8=8

a)         Which one of the following is micro environment?

1)         Customer.

2)         Society.

3)         Economic environment.

4)         Political environment. (Choose the correct answer)

b)         Write the full form of SWOT.

c)          Mention one hindrance of economic growth of India.

d)         There is no difference between business environment and economic environment. (Write True or False)

e)         Mention one drawback of privatization.

f)          The Competition Act, 2002 is not applicable in case of Public Financial Institutions. (Write True or False)

g)         WTO was set up in the year _________. (Fill in the blank)

h)         Where is the Head Office of SAFTA situated?

2. Write short notes on:                                4x4=16

a)         Significance of SWOT analysis.

b)         Economic system.

c)          The chief characteristics of New Industrial Policy of India, 1991.

d)         Impact of globalization on trade and industries.

3. Discuss the various components of business environment.                     14


Explain the changing dimension of Indian Business Environment since 1991.                        14

4. What is business cycle? Describe the business environment of a country during different phases of business cycle. 4+10=14


Discuss the causes of industrial sickness with reference to N. E. region of India.                                 14

5. Explain the concept of SEZ. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.                  6+8=14


Write a critical note on EXIM Policy of India.                                                         14

6. Discuss the objective and functions of IMF.                                            14


What do you mean by international economic grouping? Discuss its influence on the economic development of member nations. 4+10=14

(Old Course)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

Time: 3 hours

1. Answer as directed:                                   1x8=8

a)         Mention one of the components of business environment.

b)         Microenvironment deals with suppliers/governments/economic environment. (Choose the correct answer)

c)          There is no difference between economic growth and economic development. (Write True or False)

d)         Write the full form of FDI.

e)         What is black money?

f)          Coexistence of public and private sectors is one of the main features of Indian business environment. (Write True or False)

g)         Mention one advantages of privatization.

h)         Money market deals in _________ fund. (Fill in the blank)

2. Write short notes on:                4x4=16

a)         Components of microenvironment.

b)         Phases of business cycle.

c)          Advantages of globalization.

d)         Differences between money market and capital market.

3. Explain the various factors that influence business environment.                         12


Discuss the changing dimension of Business Environment in India since 1991.                      12

4. Explain in detail the causes of industrial sickness.                                                         11


What is SWOT analysis? Discuss the significances of SWOT analysis.                          2+9=11

5. Discuss the main features of New Industrial Policy of India, 1991.                         11


Explain the concept of SEZ. Discuss its various advantages and disadvantages.                    4+7=11

6. Discuss the role of capital market in the economic development of a country.                       11


Explain the quantitative credit control measures of Central Bank.                         11

7. What is international business? Write the features of international business.      3+8=11


Discuss the impact of globalization on Indian economy.                                                  11


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