Dibrugarh University Question Paper - Botany – Science - (Nov'2018)

2018 (November)



Course: 301

(Morphology, Taxonomy, Development and

Reproduction of Angiosperms)

Full Marks: 48

Pass Marks: 19/14

Time: 2 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. (a) Answer the following as directed:                                    1x5=5

1)         Cyathium inflorescence is found in the family Euphorbiaceae / Orchidaceae / Asteraceae.

(Choose the correct answer)

2)         The largest petal of the flower of pulses is called _________.

(Fill in the blank)

3)         The edible part of the elephant fruit is sepal.

(Write True or False)

4)         In double fertilization process of angiosperms, one of the male gametes fuses with egg and the other with _________.

(Fill in the blank)

5)         Normally number of nuclei in an embryo sac of angiosperm is 6 / 8 / 3.

(Choose the correct answer)

(b) Write short notes on the following:                                         3x3=9

1)         Floral diagram.

2)         Microsporogenesis.

3)         Lenticel.

2. (a) What do you mean by classification of plants? Write briefly the salient features of artificial, natural and phylogenetic systems of classification.                              1+(3x3)=10


What do you mean by natural system of plant classification? Describe the natural system of plant classification which you have studies.                                            2+8=10

(b) Write the salient features of the pulse family. Write the scientific names of three economically important plants belonging to this family.                                4+3=7


Write the characteristics of Orchidaceae and Arecaceae.                   3½+3½=7

3. With suitable diagram, describe the structure of complex tissues. Also mention their functions. 6+4=10


Write short notes on the following:                   5x2=10

a)         Role of cambium in secondary growth of the stem of plant.

b)         Dermal tissue system and its functions.

4. Write short notes on (any two):                           3½x2=7

a)         Endosperm.

b)         Polyembryony.

c)          Structure of embryo sac.

d)         Double fertilization.



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