Dibrugarh University Question Paper - Botany – Science (Nov'2019)






Courses: 101

(Lower Cryptogams: Algae, Fungi,

Bacteria and Virus, Plant Pathology, Lichen)

Full Marks: 48

Pass Marks: 19/14

Time: 2 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. (a) Choose the correct answer of the following:                           1x3=3

1)         Cap cells are characteristic feature of Fucus / Oedogonium / Volvox.

2)         16 / 4 / 8 numbers of ascospores are found in the ascus of Ascomycetes.

3)         The lichen Cladonia is commonly known as reindeer moss / bog moss / club moss.

(b) Fill in the blanks of the following:                                   1x2=2

1)         The causal organism of grey blight of ea is _________.

2)         Fucoxanthin pigment is found in _________ algae.

2. Write in short on the following:                                            2x4=8

a)         General characters of bacteria.

b)         Symbiotic association of lichen.

c)          Algal pigments found in Phaeophyceae.

d)         Economic importance of Penicillium.

3. Draw and level the sex organs and describe the sexual reproduction of Polysiphonia.           4+5=9


“Blue - green alga is called Cyanobacteria.” Justify it. Write the economic value of blue-green algae. 5+4=9

4. With appropriate diagram, describe the life history of Synchytrium or Peziza.                                 9


Write in short on:                         4½ x 2=9

a)         Structure of fructification of polyporus.

b)         Crozier formation of Ascomycetes.

5. (a) Give explanatory notes either [(1) and (2)] or [(3) and (4)] of the following:

1)         Structure of TMV.                                   6

2)         Internal structure of lichen.                                               5

3)         Structure of bacteria and its types based on structure.              5

4)         Reproduction in lichen.                                                       6

(b) Write the name of the causal organism, symptoms and control measure of any one of the following diseases:

1)         Rust of wheat.

2)         Late blight of potato.



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