Dibrugarh University Question Paper - Communication Skills – Arts and Science (Nov'2017)




(For B.A. Major and General / B.Sc. General Courses only)

Course: 301


(Group – A)

Full Marks: 48

Pass Marks: 19/14

Time: 2 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following briefly:                                                 1x5=5

a)         What is operating system?

b)         What is bookmark in MS-Word?

c)          What is pivot table in MS-Excel?

d)         What is scenario?

e)         What is word art?

2. Answer the following briefly:                                                 2x5=10

a)         Mention two functions of operating system.

b)         What is the use of MIN() function in Excel?

c)          What is goal seek?

d)         What is DBMS?

e)         What is spelling and grammar tool in MS-Word?

3. Answer any thee from the following:                                                 11x3=33

a)         Write the steps for MS-Word Mail Merge.

b)         Write the steps for adding and removing software and hardware in Windows operating system.

c)          Explain the following functions in brief:

1)         SUM ().

2)         ABS ().

3)         MAX ().

4)         RAND ().

5)         IF ().

6)         COUNT ().

d)         Write briefly about sorting and filtering in MS-Excel.

e)         Write about the views in MS-Power Point. Write the steps for inserting animation and sound in a PowerPoint presentation.

f)          Write briefly about macros and tables in MS-Word.



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