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Monday, February 22, 2021

English Communication' 2019 | Gauhati University Question Papers | B.Com 1st Sem | CBCS Pattern

Paper: ENG-AE-104
(English Language Proficiency)
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Match the following meanings to the terms given within the box. Please note that there is one extra term within the box which does not match with any of the meanings:      1x10=10

(a) to find or meet by chance

(b) a situation in which everyone has an equal chance of winning

(c) a time in which some decisive change takes place

(d) lacking in quantity or quality

(e) obstacle

(f) move from one region to another

(g) see an event happen

(h) something that is hip or popular at a given point of time

(i) the basic physical and organisational structure and facilities

(j) a list drawn from a longer list of people found to be most suitable for some job

Hurdle, meagre, stumbled upon, internship, shortlisted, a level playing field, turning point, infrastructure, migrate, witness, trend

2. Write the contracted forms of the expressions in bold in the following sentences:          2+2=4

(a) She should not have gone there knowing that she would be ridiculed by her teammates.

(b) Ravi is not the type of guy who can be bullied into doing something he does not believe in.

3. Write the definition of any three of the following items along with illustrations:   2x3=6

(a) Virtual

(b) Catalyst

(c) Internship

(d) Portal

(e) Tier 2 and tier 3 cities

4. Read the instructions carefully and do as directed:            5x4=20

(a) Punctuate following sentences:         5

(i) A friend recommended that I upload these clips on YouTube Meera says

(ii) Meera who won the Asia Award for most popular Indian channel in Seoul South Korea in 2016 has collaborated with many Bollywood stars

(iii) These include Shah Rukh khan Priyanka Chopra and Varun Dhawan from the Hindi film industry

(iv) According to advertisement revenue analysis a top Indian YouTuber earns up to rupees one crore a month on an average of two video uploads

(v) After my first video on Face book friends suggested I better not waste the content on my timeline alone Meera says

(b) Complete the paragraph by using the appropriate linking expressions from the box:     5

Meanwhile, later, since, by now since

There wasn’t an movement in Husing and Turbung valley the previous day, we decided to trek to Rumbak we reached the Rumbak and our spotters started climbing the bridges to scan for snow leopards.

We were all busy photographing vultures and eagles near the area till Dorjee and his team brought us a sumptuous lunch. Some of the people who wanted to speak to their families trekked up to village.

This was the second day and no sighting of a snow leopard had taken place. We trekked back to the base camp and take a general dip in enthusiasm seemed to be setting since there were only two days left to sight the snow leopard.

(c) Find the words in the box that collocate with the ones on the list and write them down together:        5

Fast, quick, share, give, do

(i) Shower

(ii) Advice

(iii) Food

(iv) A secret

(v) the dishes

(d) Fill in the blanks with the comparative and superlative form of the adjectives given in the brackets:           5

(i) Venus shines _________among the stars in the night sky. (bright, brighter, the brightest)

(ii) Rose is considered as ____of all flowers.  (beautiful, more beautiful, the most beautiful)

(iii) December is supposed to be _______month. (cold, colder, the coldest)

(iv) Rahul is ____but mona is _____. (intelligent, more intelligent, the most intelligent)

5. Do as directed:          4+6=10

(a) Read the text given in the annexure carefully and answer the following questions:     2+2=4

(i) What is the ‘silent internship revolution in India’ that the author is talking about?

(ii) What is the prediction made by Sarvesh Agarwal about the virtual internship in the days to come?

(b) Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by using information from the text in the annexure (any three):      2x3=6

(i) Zainul faced problems in getting _________mainly because he was from ______.

(ii) ______has made it possible for students from small towns and cities to compete with the ones from bigger cities for the _______.

(iii) There is a _______demand for virtual internships especially in the ________.

(iv) Portals like _______connects aspiring interns to _____.

6. Write the summary of the text given in the annexure:           10

7. Write a listing paragraph about the reasons for visiting social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.       10


Write a paragraph describing an area of difference between living in a big city and living in a smaller town.

8. Do as directed:     4+6=10

(a) Frame sentences by using any two of the expressions given below. Your sentences for each expression should bring out its meaning. For this purpose, you might need to write more than one sentence for each expression:  2x2=4

(i) Kick the bucket

(ii) Blow his trumpet

(iii) Bite my tongue

(iv) Go an extra mile

(b) Change the following sentences into indirect speech:         6

(i) Bhatia said, “What are we doing here, wasting our lives?”

(ii) “By the time Microsoft figured it out,” Bhatia told a reporter, “we had six million users.”

(iii) She said, “He is a big time pop music fan!”

(iv) Meena said, “I am a homemaker.”

(v) “What are you doing in Kolkata?” Bijoy asked me.

(vi) Harpreet said, “Only a few of my friends understand me.”


Zainul Abedin from Ganderbal, Kashmir, had a bachelor’s degree in computer application from the Government Degree College in his town, but no job offers. The hurdle was not his education but his location. “I lived in a place where chances of getting a job were meagre, let along an internship. So I began searching for virtual internships I stumbled upon one that proved to be a turning point. I was soon shortlisted for a Web development internship,” says Zainul, who currently teaches students of the organization he interned into code in HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Bootstrap and so on.

There has been a silent internship revolution in India over the last few years. Technology has created a level playing field and removed geographical barriers for students from Tier 2 and 3 cities.

Internships are picking up fast amongst these students, the biggest catalyst being virtual internships.

“In recent times, we have noticed a growing demand for virtual or work-from-home internships,” says Sarvesh Agarwal, founder and CEO of internshala, a portal that links aspiring interns to possible employers. According to the latest internshala internship trends report for 2019, virtual internships receive three times as many applications as in-office ones and the interest in them is higher in Tier 2 and 3 cities.

According to Agarwal, “virtual internships will redefine work culture in days to come. With proper infrastructure, knowledge will be free-flowing and jobs will migrate to talent. We are about to witness a trend where ‘jobs will reach out to talent’ and not the other way round.”


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