Information Technology (GE-1)' Dec 2019 | Dibrugarh University Question Paper | BA and B.SC 1st Sem | CBCS Pattern




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Paper: GE-1


Full Marks: 53

Pass Marks: 21

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

Paper: GE-1 (A)


1. Answer the following in short:                                                 1x5=5

a)         What is cache memory?

b)         What is the purpose of ALU in CPU?

c)          What is the base of binary number system?

d)         How many bits from 1 Byte?

e)         Calculate 1011 – 1001 using 2’s complement method.

2. (a) What are different types of computer according to the technology used? Explain.                   5


Explain the basic block diagram of a computer.

(b) What is PDA?

3. (a) Convert the following:                                     2x4=8

1)         (21F.DE)16 into decimal.

2)         (1101100)2 into octal.

3)         10101001 into decimal.

4)         (F1E2)16 into binary.

(b) Write in short about ASCII coding system.                                 4


What is BCD code? Explain different types of BCD code with example.

4. (a) What is primary memory? Explain different types of memory present in a computer system. 1+5=6

(b) What is system software? What are the difference between system software and application software?   1+4=5


What is operating system? What are the functions of operating system?                   1+4=5

5. (a) What is input device? What are the different types of keys present in the keyboard? Explain.         1+4=5


What is impact printer? Describe the working of any one type of impact printer.            1+4=5

(b) Explain any one type of data scanning device.                                         3

6. (a) What is port? What are the different types of port present in a computer system?   1+4=5


What is register? Explain the function of MAR and MBR.                         1+4=5

(b) Briefly explain the following (any two):                              3+3=6

1)         Motherboard.

2)         Bluetooth.

3)         Cloud computing.

Paper: GE-1 (B)


1. Answer the following:                               1x5=5

a)         What is OMR?

b)         Give the name of one primary memory.

c)          What is foreign key?

d)         Write one advantages of star topology.

e)         Define URL.

2. (a) What is input device? Write in short about any one input device.                   1+4=5


What is utility software? Explain any one type of utility software.                    1+4=5

(b) Differentiate between primary memory and secondary memory. Explain any one type of secondary memory. 2+3=5

(c) What is non-volatile memory? Give example.                          2

3. (a) Explain the following with syntax and example (any three):                              3x3=9

1)         Select command in SQL.

2)         Order by clause.

3)         Group by clause.

4)         Having clause.

(b) Explain the features of relational data model.                          3


Explain create table command of SQL with syntax and example.

(c) Write a SQL query to find out the number of records from ‘employee’ table.                            1

4. (a) What is network topology? Explain any two types of topology with proper diagram.     1+4=5


Define and distinguish between LAN and WAN.                                    5

(b) What is the difference between guided media and unguided media? Explain the physical structure of fiber optic cable.                                   2+4=6

5. (a) What is search engine? How does a search engine work?                  1+4=5


What is Internet? Explain any two applications of Internet.                                1+4=5

(b) What is browner? Give example.                                                                   2

(c) Briefly explain the following (any two):                               2½+2½=5

1)         WWW.

2)         SPSS.

3)         Google Scholar.



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