Dibrugarh University B.Com 6th Sem: Small Business Management Question Papers (May'2020)

Small Business Management Question Paper May' 2020
COMMERCE (General / Speciality)
Course: 604 (Small Business Management)
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
(New Course)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24

1. (a) Write True or False:       1x4=4

(i) The MSME Act, 2006 became operative with effect from 15th August, 2006.

(ii) Production management generates both direct and indirect employment.

(iii) A small business enterprise requires only fixed capital.

(iv) Modern marketing concept is consumer-oriented.

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:    1x4=4

(i) In India, micro enterprise is defined in terms of _________. (Investment/ employment)

(ii) Total quality Management ensures quality of ________. (Product only/every aspect of management)

(iii)Fixed capital is required to meet _____-term requirement of a business. (Short/ long)

(iv) Market assessment is ______ in business planning. (Helpful/ not helpful)

2. Write short notes on (any four):          4x4=16

(a) Features of micro and small business enterprises

(b) Product design

(c) The role of working capital in small business enterprise

(d) The role of packaging in marketing

(e) The factors for selecting the location of an industrial unit

(f) Marketing problems of small business enterprise

3. (a) Describe the role of small-scale industries with special reference to Indian economy.         11


(b) Describe in brief the rationale behind the development of small business enterprises.            11

4. (a) Define production planning and control. What are the objectives of production planning and control?     3+8=11


(b) Describe the quality control technology for small business enterprises.     11

5. (a) What is working capital? Discuss the significance of working capital in a small business enterprise.    3+8=11


(b) Discuss the determinants of working capital in small business enterprise.     11

6. (a) What do you mean by market segmentation? What are the bases of market segmentation?      3+8=11


(b) Discuss the functions of marketing management.          11

7. (a) What is sales promotion? What are the different types of sales promotion in connection with small business?    3+9=12


(b) Define advertising. Discuss the merits and limitation of advertising.           2+5+5=12

(Old Course)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

1. Write True or False:      1x8=8

(a) Small-scale industries are capital intensive.

(b) Small-scale enterprises are managed by the State Government.

(c) The first step for product planning is idea generation.

(d) Fixed capital and working capital are almost the same.

(e) Market promotion is an internal problem of small business enterprises.

(f) One of the most important reasons behind sickness in small industries is lack of demand for the products they produce.

(g) Innovation is important in modern times because of stiff competition.

(h) The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Act was passed in the year 1932.

2. Write short notes on (any four):        4x4=16

(a) Features of micro and small business enterprises

(b) Marketing problems of small-scale industries

(c) Different types of micro, small and medium enterprises

(d) Quality control methods in small-scale industries

(e) Sources of working capital

(f) Market segmentation

3. (a) Discuss the features and objectives of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Act, 2006.     6+5=11


(b) Discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between small-scale enterprises and large-scale enterprises.     11

4. (a) What do you understand by plant location? Discuss the different factors to be taken into consideration while selecting the location of an industrial unit.   2+9=11


(b) Discuss the importance of product design.          11

5. (a) What fixed capital? Describe in brief the various sources of raising fixed capital.          11


(b) Discuss the determinants of working capital in small business enterprises.              11

6. (a) Explain the role and functions of packaging.      5+6=11


(b) Discuss briefly, what are the elements of marketing mix of small-scale business.           11

7. (a) Write the differences between the concept of installed capacity and idle capacity.     12


(b) Discuss the causes of sickness of small-scale industries and suggest its remedies.



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