Compensation Management Question Paper' May 2019 | Dibrugarh University | HRM Major

 2019 (May)

COMMERCE (Speciality)

Course: 603(Compensation Management)

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

(New Course)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 24

Time: 3 hours

1. Answer the following as directed:

(a) Compensation helps in providing job satisfaction to employees. (Write True or False) 1

(b) Wage fund theory was propounded by_____. (Fill in the blank) 1

(c) value theory was The surplus propounded by______. (Fill in the blank) 1

(d) Loans and advances are examples of_______. (Fill in the blank)

(e) Mention two functions of Wage Boards. 2

(f) Write two challenges of compensation management. 2

2. Write short notes on following: any four of the 4x4-16

(a) Variable compensation

(b) Bonus

(c) Compensation level planning

(d) Compensation differentials

(e) Concept of performance management

(f) Seventh Pay Commission

3. (a) Define the term 'compensation Discuss the essentials of a sound wage plan. 4+10=14


(b) Discuss the importance of a sound wage system in the growth and development of an organization. 14

4. (a) Discuss the economic theories related to compensation. What are the limitations of economic theories? 10+4=14


(b) Explain the compensation with suitable examples. Strategies 14

5. (a) Discuss the stages of compensation planning. 14


(b) Write a note on the role and functions of Pay Commission. 4+10-14

6. (a) What do you mean by incentives? Discuss the features of an effective incentive plan. 4+10=14


(b) What is strategic compensation? Discuss various pay-for-performance programmes. 14


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