General English Question Paper' 2020 (Held in 2021) | B.Com 1st Sem (Non-Hons)

Dibrugarh University B.Com 1st Sem Question Papers 

2 0 2 1 (March)
Paper: ENGG–1
(English Writing Skills—I)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions


1. Imagine any one of the following situations and write a diary entry in about 200 words:             10

a)         Your first day at college.

b)         Your visit to an old age home.

c)          The important points to be considered while writing a diary.


2. Answer any one of the following:        10

a)         What are the characteristic features of a good paragraph? Discuss with examples.

b)         Attempt a paragraph on any one of the following topics:

1)      Experience of an online class.

2)      Ragging.

3)      Gender inequality in Indian society.


3. Answer any one of the following:        10

a)         Describe the steps in writing a Summary.

b)         Attempt a summary of the given passage:

Career development relates to the readiness for progression through a series of positions during an individual’s working life. Career issues emerge as a result of increasing stress of the organization on developing its human resources and growing expectations of the individuals about what they need to do to facilitate career growth as they become more educated.

Career development as a responsibility of the organization necessitates collection and analysis of data, decision making and their implementation. It must be realized that organizational objectives can be accomplished effectively by integrating individual needs and organizational goals. Usually line supervisors and human resource managers are responsible for implementation of career development programmes. The line supervisors are responsible for the assessment and development of their subordinates and for assisting them in attaining desired positions with the help of varied measures, especially counseling. Indeed, their day-to-day involvement in career development of subordinates stems largely from counseling. Although they need not be professional counselors to accomplish effectiveness in career development, they must realize that it forms an integral part of managing, and varied skills and techniques are required to perform this role.

The human resource executive plays a significant role in promoting the development of career paths to satisfy the needs of people. Indeed, a human resource department initiates varied career development programmes in the organization.

c)          What are the key points to be remembered in note-making? Discuss with examples.


4. Answer any one of the following:        10

a)         What are the characteristics of an effective business letter? Discuss.

b)         Write a letter to the Municipal Authority on the necessity of proper disposal of plastic wastes in your area.

c)          Write a letter to your friend narrating him/her about your experiences in the new college.


5. Answer any one of the following:                        10

a)         What are the contents of a cover letter? Discuss with examples.

b)         Prepare a CV in response to the following advertisement (any one):

1)      Post of accounts assistant in a commercial organization

2)      Teacher in a high school


6. Answer any one of the following:                        10

a)         Examine the significance of a book/movie review.

b)         Write a review of a book that you have read recently in about 200 words.

c)          Attempt a review of any movie that you have watched recently.


7. Answer in short any four of the following:       5×4=20

a)         What are the benefits of writing a diary?

b)         How does paragraph writing help in academics?

c)          Why is summary writing important?

d)         What is the importance of margin notes? Discuss.

e)         What are the differences between a formal letter and an informal letter?

f)          Enumerate the personal details that you must include in your CV.

g)         How does the review of a film help the audience before watching it?


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