Retail Management - I ' 2020 | B.Com 3rd Sem (Non Hons) | CBCS Pattern

Dibrugarh University Question Papers
B.Com 3rd Sem Non Hons (CBCS Pattern)


2020 (Held in April – May, 2021)

COMMERCE (Skill Enhancement Course)

Paper: SEC 3.1  (Retail Management - I)

Full Marks: 40

Pass Marks: 16

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Fill in the blanks:        1x4=4

a)         Retailing is extremely _____ like other business activities.

b)         Retailing in India is at a _____ stage.

c)          B-to-C stands for _____.

d)         Wholesaler does not sell goods directly to _____.

2. Write short notes on any two of the following:     4×2=8

a)         Vending.

b)         Fixed shop retailers.

c)          Mail order business.

d)         Online sellers.

3. What do you mean by retailing? Explain the nature of retailing.      2+5=7


Highlight the current scenario of retailing in India.    7

4. Describe the various functions of retailer.              7


Explain the role of retailing in the supply chain.     7

5. What do you mean by departmental store? Describe different advantages of departmental store.     2+5=7


Discuss about retailing life cycle.        7

6. Describe different challenges are faced by Indian retailers.       7


 “India is a big market for organized retail.” Explain.      7 


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