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 NIOS Senior Secondary Solved Assignment 2021 - 22
Painting 332 Solved Assignment 2021-22
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Max Marks: 20


(i) All questions are compulsory. The Marks allotted for each question are given beside the questions.

(ii) Write your name, enrollment numbers, AI name and subject on the first page of the answer sheet.

1. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.            2

(a) Write the main features of one sculpture of Harappa period as enlisted in your learning material. (See Lesson-1)

Ans: Answer any one question

(b) Why the seated Buddha Sculpture of Sarnath is considered as one of the best examples of art. Mention the date of this sculpture. (See Lesson-2)

Ans.:- The beautiful figure is seated in Padmasan, with upturned soles. His hands are held in Dharmachakramudra. The ear lobes are long and the eyes are half-closed. The face is calm and has a spiritual expression. Behind the head is a huge halo covered with a beautiful floral decoration. This sculpture is one of the best examples of Gupta art. The matured simplicity and national use of ornamentation prove the greatness of the artist.

Date :- Gupta period, 5th century A.D.

चित्रकला  (332) | Painting 332 NIOS Free Solved Assignment 2021 – 22 (Hindi Medium)

2. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.         2

(a) Write down four main reasons of calling Taj Mahal as a good example of Mughal architecture. (See Lesson-6)

Ans: Four main reasons of calling Taj Mahal as a good example of Mughal architecute are:-

1)    Tah mahal is an idol for extra ordinary beauty.

2)    It is one of the seven wonders in the world.

3)    Sign of love of shahjahan.

4)    Taj mahal is a fine blend of Indian and foreign style of architecture.

(b) This painting by Nihalchand of Kisangarh of Rajasthan school has a special place in Indian miniature Painting." Write the name of the painting. Why it is in special place. (See Lesson-8)

Ans: Answer any one question

3. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.          2

(a) What type of materials Ramkinkar used for the sculpture. Name any one sculpture of Ramkinkar and describe. (See Lesson-13)

Ans.:- Ramkinkar studied at Visva-Bharti in Shantiniketan and was closely associated with Nandalal Bose and Binod Bihari Mookherhee. He is one of the best known sculptors and painters of India. One of his famous sculptures Yaksha & Yakshini is installed at The Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi. His approach towards the handling of the subject and material was bold. He generally used concrete which is easily available is create a rough texture. Santhal Famly is made of the same medium. The composition comprises of a man, a woman, a child and a dog. They are moving towards a new destination with full of hope and aspiration, leaving behind their home in search of work.

Title of the Sculpture: Santhal Family

Sculptor: Ram Kinker Vaij

Period: 1938

Collection: Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Size: 290x200x315 cm Height

Medium: Concrete.

(b) Write the name of four artists in the field of the contemporary period. Describe the contribution of any one of them. (See Lesson-13)

Ans: Answer any one question

4. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.       4

(a) What was the purpose of East India company to recruit the Indian Artists.(See Lesson-6)

Ans: Answer any one question

(b) Why company school is also known as Patna School? (See Lesson-11)

Ans: A part from the merchants and officials of these companies, various other European travelers, adventurers made their way to India. The British soon found that the Indian subjects could be depicted far more accurately by Indian artists, to whom these subjects were familiar then by themselves and hired Indian artists to paint for them. The direct influence of Europeans produced a new style of watercolor painting including western perspective and shading.

Many painters from Murshidabad migrated to Patna (now the capital of Bihar) around 1760. By the end of the century, this city became the headquarters of one of eleven areas of art centers into which the British East India Company divided Bengal. This is known as the Company school of painting from the fact that its patrons belonged to the East India Company. This style is also known as Patna school.

5. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.      4

(a) Through some light on the technique of Tanjore Painting. Write four main features of Deccan painting. (See Lesson-10)

Ans: Features of Deccan painting:-

1)    Deccan paintings are influenced by the pre-Mughal painting of Malwa, and of the southern tradition of the Vijayanagar School of painting.

2)    The colors used are rich and brilliant than that of northern painting.

3)    Deccani paintings influence can be noted in areas such as ethnic types, costumes, jewelry, flora, fauna, landscape and colors.

4)    For miniature painting, the painters use a special handmade paper known as “wasli” in several parts of India. It is made by fusion of multiple layers of sheets that are extracted from rice stalk, bamboo, and other things that are designed for this purpose.

(b) Which folk art form has influenced the Kantha motif? Name the sources of designs and motifs of Kantha. Write in brief about the Kantha style. (See Lesson-14)

Ans: Answer any one question

6. Prepare any one project out of the given below:       6

(a) Place a flower vase with the flowers. Study and write the characters of the flower and texture of its stem. Draw it on a separate page and paint it in transparent technique of water colour.

Ans: Try Yourself

(b) Cut the paper of different colours in various size like circle, square, triangle, rectangle etc. and then compose in geometrical form with proper balancing of the covered area.

Ans: Try Yourself


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