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Buying Motives
Principles of Marketing Notes CBCS Pattern
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Buying motives Meaning

A consumer does not buy a product or service just because he wants to buy. There are many factors which affects buying behaviour of consumers. Human beings are motivated by ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. These needs and wants build up inside, causing people to desire to buy a product or a service. These needs and wants built up pressure or tension leads to reasons which are manifested in a psychological wave called ‘motive’. ‘Motive’ is the energy which implies behaviour thought it does not give pre use direction to that behaviour”. Motive is something which is capable of inducing a person to act in a particular way. Motive is the strong feelings, urge, instinct, drive desire, stimuli, thought, emotion, a belief, a tension that makes a person to react in the form of buying decision.

Professor D. J. Duncan defined, “buying motives”, as “those influence or considerations which provide the impulse to buy, induce action or determine choice in purchase of goods and services”.

In the words of Professor William Stanton, “a motive is a drive or an urge for which an individual seeks satisfaction; it becomes a buying motive when the individual seeks satisfaction through the purchase of something”.

Types of Buying motives

Buying motives is of various type which are stated below:

a. Product Motives: Product buying motives are those that prompt the consumer to buy because of physical and psychological product attributes. The product might be appealing to his eyes, nose, ear, tongue and skin and matching to his mind. These physical and psychological attractions may be design, size, colour, taste, package, price, performance, pride, affection, durability, suitability, versatility, safety, comfort economy convenience and so on. These product buying motives may be either ‘emotional’ or ‘rational’. This sub-classification is of much significance to understand the very girth of buying motives.

1. Product Emotional Buying Motives: Emotion is the excited state of feeling or mental agitation. Emotional action is quicker than other motives. These actions are based on feelings or passions. Emotional decision is not based on detailed study or plan but it is the outcome of the spur of the moment.

2. Product Rational Motives: Human beings are both social and rational. They think before doing. They have an outstanding ability of creative thinking and imaginative juggling of environmental variables to their great benefit. It is rationality that distinguishes a man from other animals. Rational motives are based on reasoning or judgement capacity of the consumer.

b. Patronage motives: Patronage motives speak of the choice of a particular person – a shopkeeper or an outlet for purchase. In other words, he has certain motives to patronize or support and suggest a particular shop or a store. These may be emotional and rational, like those of product motives.

1. Patronage Emotional Motives: Patronage emotional motives are based on his wish or emotion or pulsive attitude. His decision to support a store is not the outcome of reasoning and judgement. His selection is founded on the casual factors.

2. Patronage Rational Motives: All customers are not emotional in supporting a particular store. They are rational. They think and judge before extending loyalty to a particular store.

Characteristics of Buying motives

The basic characteristics of buying motives are:

1. They are the Inner Feelings.

2. They are Countless.

3. They Differ in Significance.

4. They are not the Same for All.

5. The Differ in Intensity.

6. They Influence Together.

Importance of Buying Motives

1. They are the Basis in Product Planning and Development.

2. They are the Determinants of Pricing Policies.

3. They are Helpful in Designing Promotional Policies.

4. They are the Planks of Distribution Policies.

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