Difference between Selling and Marketing | Principles of Marketing Notes CBCS Pattern | B.Com 5th Sem Hons

Difference between Selling and Marketing
Principles of Marketing Notes CBCS Pattern
B.Com 5th Sem Hons
Selling V/S Marketing

Selling concept:

Now a days, as the technology advances along with the quantity and quality of the goods, the art of selling the goods are also very essential. The firms which follow the selling concept believe that in order to motivate a customer to buy his product, he must be convinced by aggressive selling and promotional efforts. Firms following selling concept make use of advertising powers and other persuation techniques to influence the customers.

In the words of Philip Kotler,” The Selling Concept holds that consumers and businesses, if left alone, will ordinarily will not buy enough of the organisation’s products. The organisation must, therefore, undertakes an aggressive selling and promotion efforts. This concept assumes that consumers typically show buying inertia or resistance and must be coaxed into buying. It also assumes that company has a whole battery of effective selling and promotion tools to stimulate more buying,”

Marketing Concept:

The marketing concept emerged in the mid 1950’s. The business generally shifted from a product – centered, make and sell philosophy, to a customer centered, sense and respond philosophy. The marketing concept concentrates on the need of the customers. This concept says than product should be designed and produced keeping in mind the need of the customers and try to satisfy the need better than the competitor. The marketing concept holds that the key to achieving organizational goals consist of the company being more effective than competitors in creating, delivering and  communicating superior customers value. This concept puts the customers at both the beginning and the end of the business cycle. Every department and every worker should think about the customer and acts as per need of the customer.

The American Marketing Association has defined marketing as “an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to the customers and for managing customer’s relations in ways that benefit the organization and the stake holders.”

Peter Drucker says it this way that,” the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. All that should be needed is to make the product or the service available.”

Difference between Selling and Marketing

From the above discussion we find the following differences between selling and marketing:



a) Selling starts and ends with the seller.

a) Marketing starts and ends with the consumers.

b) Seeks to quickly convert products into cash.

b) Seeks to convert customer ‘needs’ into products.

c) Seller is the centre of business universe.

c) Buyer is the centre of the business universe

d) Views Business as a goods producing process.

d) Views businesses as a customer satisfying process.

e) Seller preference determines the formulation of marketing mix.

e) Buyer determines the shape marketing mix should take.

f) Selling is product oriented.

f) Marketing is customer oriented.

g) Seller’s motives dominate marketing communication.

g) Marketing communication is looked upon as a tool for communicating the benefits / satisfactions provided by the product.

h) Selling concept is short term perspective.

h) Marketing concept is a long term perspective.

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