Packaging Meaning, Features, Role and Functions | Principles of Marketing Notes CBCS Pattern | B.Com 5th Sem Hons

Packaging Meaning, Features, Role and Functions
Principles of Marketing Notes CBCS Pattern
B.Com 5th Sem Hons

Meaning of Packaging

In this age of competition, good and appropriate packaging occupies much significance. The policies pertaining to the packaging are a part of the product planning and product development program.

Some of the main definitions of 'packaging' are being given hereunder:

In the opinion of Prof. Rustom S. Davar, Packaging is that art and/or science which is related to the development and use of materials, methods and equipment, for the packing of the goods in some containers, so that the product, while passing through various stages of distribution, could remain fully safe.

William Stanton has opined that the meaning of packaging is the total group of activities under the product planning which are related to the chalking out of a design of the outer cover of a product and the concerned production.

Characteristics of a Good Package

Packaging must be attractive, protective and economical. A good packaging strategy can increases the sales volume of any product. Some of the key characteristics of good package are given below:

a) Packaging must be protective: Packaging of products is done to protect them from dust, watering, evaporation and some other natural and artificial factors of damage. Packaging must protect the intrinsic values of the products. Good packaging can extend the product life and reduce distribution costs.

b) It could attract one's attention: Packaging should be capable of catching the attention of the customers. Package design, weight, colour combination and graphics are to be pleasing to eyes and appealing to brain.

c) Packaging should make the prompt recognition possible: Provision of adequate product information is another requirement. It must contain all the details of the product so that the buyer can easily recognise the details of the product.

d) It should assure adjustability: A good packing has the ability of flexibility or is capable of being put to alternative uses. Packaging can be done with plastic, metal or glass containers which can be further used by the consumers in their home.

e) Packaging should be pollution free: It is a well-known fact that packaging of products in plastic packet causes serious damage to the environment. So, packaging of products must be done eco-friendly papers and plastic.

f) It should create interest and maintain the same: Packaging should be such that it can create interest amongst the consumer about the product and compel them to buy the product. It must impress the heart of the consumer.

g) It should be convenient: The package so designed should grant highest degree of convenience to manufacturers, distributors and consumers alike. Good packaging increases product sanitation, ease in handling, transporting, storing etc.

h) It should be economical: The point of protection, attraction and convenience need not be sacrificed for the economy. Economy is something that reduces not only packing and packaging expenses but also brings down other allied expenses such as transport, warehousing, handling etc.

In the end, it might be said that a very well made packing, would immediately attract the attention, would create interest, would develop desire and would ultimately press the consumer either to investigate and make enquiries into the product, or for pur­chasing the same.

Importance (Role and Functions) of Packaging

a) Safety of the Products. The main function of packaging is to protect the things from dust, water, moisture, insects, etc. Good packing saves the products against perishing, loss and other damages.

b) Facility in Marketing Activities. Due to the packing, the movement of the products, shifting, preserving, opening, collect­ing and storage, become economical and easier for both the mid­dlemen as well as the consumers.

c) Advertisement. One of the functions of packing is adver­tisement too. Till there exists any product packet, it keeps us aware of the same.

d) Facility in Collecting. It is easier to store the packaged goods. Due to packing, the products remain safe in the godowns.

e) Information to the Customers. While making the product attractive, the packing could also make the product useful and informative. It can extend necessary instructions and information more effectively to the customer regarding the use of the product.

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