Entrepreneurship Development II Important Topics and chapter wise notes, B.Com 5th Sem Non-Hons, Dibrugarh University

 Entrepreneurship Development II Notes, B.Com 5th Sem Non-Hons, Dibrugarh University

B.Com. CBCS Semester: V

Course No. SEC 501 Entrepreneurship Development II

Marks: 50 (Internal Assessment 10 + Term End 40)

Lecture: 30 Tutorials: 4

Expected Question Paper Pattern (Total Marks: 40)

Type of Questions

Number of Question



1. Multiple Choice Questions


1 Mark each


2. Short Answer Type Question


2 Marks each


3. Long Answer Type Question


7 Marks each




Important Topics

In this subject you have to cover only those topics which are given in syllabus. All questions asked in examination will be from the content given in the syllabus. Internal questions are normally not asked in these SEC subjects.

Chapter wise Contents

Unit – I: Promotional Agencies                 Marks     10:7L+1T

a)    Types of Entrepreneurial Development Promotional Agencies

b)   Ideologies of these agencies

c)    Governmental vs Non-governmental Agencies

Unit – II: Institutional Support:                                 Marks 10:8L+1T

a)    Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (MSMEDO)

b)   Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institution (MSMEDI)

c)    District Industries and Commerce Centre (DICC)

d)   Khadi and Village Industries Commission/Board (KVIC/KVIB)

Unit – III: Role of other Supporting Institutions: Marks 10:7L+1T

a)    NEDFi*


c)    IIE* Micro Finance Institutions*

Unit – IV: Entrepreneurial Development Programmes in India: Marks 10:8L+1T

a)    Relevance and achievements*

b)   Role of Government*

c)    Role of NGOs.*

* The discussion should be with special reference to North East India in general and Assam in Particular.

Entrepreneurship Development II Chapterwise Notes

1. Promotional Agencies

2. Institutional Supports for Entrepreneurs

3. Role of Other Supporting Institutions in NE Region

4. Entrepreneurship Development Programmes in India

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