Indian Economic Syllabus, B.Com 6th Sem Non Hons, Dibrugarh University CBCS Pattern

Indian Economic Syllabus
B.Com 6th Sem Non Hons
Dibrugarh University CBCS Pattern
B.Com. CBCS Semester: VI
Marks: 100 (Internal Assessment 20 + Term End 80)
Lecture: 60 Tutorial: 4

Objectives: This course seeks to enable the student to grasp the major economic problems in India and their solution. It also seeks to provide an understanding of modern tools of macro-economic analysis and policy framework.


Unit 1: Basic Issues and features of Indian Economy

Concept and Measures of Development and Underdevelopment; Human Development; Composition of national income and occupational structure              Marks 20: 15L+1T

Unit 2: Policy Regimes

a)         The evolution of planning and import substituting industrialization.

b)         Economic Reforms since 1991.

c)          Monetary and Fiscal policies with their implications on economy.   Marks 20: 15L+1T

Unit 3: Growth, Development and Structural Change

a)         The experience of Growth, Development and Structural Change in different phases of growth and policy regimes across sectors and regions.

b)         Growth and Distribution; Unemployment and Poverty; Human Development; Environmental concerns.

c)          Demographic Constraints: Interaction between population change and economic development.  Marks 20: 15L+1T

Unit 4: Sectoral Trends and Issues

a)         Agriculture Sector: Factors influencing productivity and growth; the role of technology and institutions; price policy, the public distribution system and food security.

b)         Industrial Sector: Phases of Industrialisation – the rate and pattern of industrial growth in India.  Marks 20: 15L+1T

Suggested Readings:

1)    Mishra and Puri, Indian Economy, Himalaya Paublishing House

2)    IC Dhingra, Indian Economics, Sultan Chand & Sons

3)    Gaurav Dutta and KPM Sundarum, Indian Economy, S. Chand & Company.

4)    Uma Kapila (ed), “Indian Economy Since Independence”, Relevant Articles.

5)    Bhagwati, J. and Desai, P. India: Planning for industrialization, OUP, Ch 2.

6)    Patnaik, Prabhat. Some Indian Debates on Planning. T. J. Byres (ed.). The Indian Economy: Major Debates since Independence, OUP.

Note: Latest edition of text books may be used.

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