Personal Selling and Salesmanship Syllabus, B.Com 6th Sem Non Hons, Dibrugarh University CBCS Pattern

Personal Selling and Salesmanship Syllabus
B.Com 6th Sem Non Hons
Dibrugarh University CBCS Pattern
B.Com. CBCS Semester: VI
Course No. SEC 601 Personal Selling and Salesmanship
Marks: 100 (Internal Assessment 20 + Term End 80)
Lecture: 32 Tutorial: 2

Objective: The purpose of this course is to familiarize the students with the fundamentals of personal selling and the Selling process. They will be able to understand selling as a career and what it takes to be a successful salesman.


Introduction to Personal Selling: Nature and importance of personal selling, myths of selling. Difference between personal Selling, Salesmanship and Sales Management, Characteristics of a good salesman, types of selling situations, type of salespersons, Career opportunities in selling,     (8L )

Unit- II

Buying Motives: Concept of motivation, Maslow's theory of need hierarchy; Dynamic nature of motivation, Buying motives and their uses in personal selling.                             (8L)

Unit- III

Selling Process: Prospecting and qualifying, Pre-approach; Approach; Presentation and demonstration; handling of objections; Closing the sale; Post sales activities.               (8L )

Unit- IV

Sales Reports: reports and documents; sales manual, Order Book, Cash Memo; Tour Diary, Daily and Periodical Reports; Ethical aspects of Selling.              (8L)

Suggested Readings:

1)    Spiro, Stanton, and Rich, Management of the Sales force, McGraw Hill.

2)    Rusell, F. A. Beach and Richard H. Buskirk, Selling: Principles and Practices, McGraw Hill

3)    Futrell, Charles, Sales Management: Behaviour, Practices and Cases, The Dryden Press.

4)    Still, Richard R., Edward W. Cundiff and Norman A. P. Govoni, Sales Management: Decision Strategies and Cases, Prentice Hall of India Ltd., New Delhi,

5)    Johnson, Kurtz and Schueing, Sales Management, McGraw Hill

6)    Pedesson, Charles A. Wright, Milburn d. And Weitz, Barton A., Selling: Principles and Methods, Richard, Irvin

7)    KapoorNeeru, Advertising and personal Selling, Pinnacle, New Delhi.

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