Retail Management - I Syllabus, B.Com 4th Sem Hons, Dibrugarh University CBCS Pattern

Retail Management - I Syllabus
B.Com 4th Sem Hons
Dibrugarh University CBCS Pattern
B.Com. (Hons): (CBCS)
Semester- IV
SEC 403 A: Retail Management-I

Total Marks: 50 (10 for Internal Assessment & 40 for End Semester Examination)

Unit - I Retailing -

1.1 Concept and Evolution,

1.2 A Comparison between Global and Indian Scenario.

1.3 Nature and Importance of Retailing

Unit - II Retailing & Distribution Channels

2.1 Retailing and Wholesaling.

2.2 Position of Retailing in the Channels of Distribution.

2.3 Role and Scope of Retailing.

Unit – III Types of Retailing -

3.1 Store based and Non-store based.

3.2 Vertical Marketing System.

3.3 Retailing Life Cycle.

Unit - IV Retailing in India

4.1 Growth and Status of Retailing in India.

4.2 Successful Retailing Formats in India.

Suggested Reading:

1. Bhalla : Retial Management, DVS Publications, New Delhi.

2. Kapoor & Kansal : Basics of Distribution Management- A logistical

Approach, PHI Learning, New Delhi.


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