Trade Unionism Syllabus, B.Com 6th Sem Hons, Dibrugarh University CBCS Pattern

Trade Unionism Syllabus
B.Com 6th Sem Hons
Dibrugarh University CBCS Pattern
B.Com. (Hons) CBCS Semester: VI
Course No. DSE 602 (GROUP-II) Trade Unionism
Marks: 100 (Internal Assessment 20 + Term End 80)
Lecture: 60 Tutorial: 4

Objective : The objective of this course is to orient students about the concept and the role and functions of Trade Unionism

Course Contents:

Unit-I: Introduction to Trade Unionism: Concept, functions, Objectives and Structure of Trade Unionism. Recognition of Trade Unionism, Problems of Indian Trade Unions.                          Marks 20: 15L+1T

Unit-II: White Collar Trade Unions-Meaning and features. Growth of white collar unions in India, differences between white collar workers and blue collar workers, Managerial Associations-nature, growth and activities of Managerial Association.                                        Marks 20: 15L+1T

Unit-III: Employers’ Association-Introduction, Aims and Objectives. Growth of Employers’ Associations. Organization and Management of Employers’ Association in India.              Marks 20: 15L+1T

Unit-IV: International Labour organization- Background, Structure, Major activities of ILO, The Philadelphia Declaration. Impact of ILO in Labour Legislation in India.          Marks 20: 15L+1T

Text and Reference Books:

1)    Modi. S. Dynamics of Trade Unionism. (Recommended in the earlier/existing syllabus)

2)    Sing B.D. Industrial Relations Emerging Paradigms, (2009), Publisher- EXCEL BOOKS, A-45, Naraina, Phase-I, New Delhi-110 028

3)    ILO, Industrial Labour in India. (Recommended in the earlier/existing syllabus)

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