Personal Selling Important Questions, For B.Com 6th Sem, For Dibrugarh, Gauhati and Assam University

 Personal Selling Important Questions
For B. Com 6th Sem CBCS Pattern
For Dibrugarh, Gauhati and Assam University

Unit – 1: Introduction to Personal Selling
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1. Define personal selling. Discuss its nature and objectives.

2. Do you think that personal selling is important for business, customers, and society? Give explanation.

3. Explain the relationship between personal selling, salesmanship, and sales management. Also distinguish between them.

4. Explain various essential characteristics of a good sales-person.

5. Discuss the myths of personal selling.

6. What are different selling situation. Discuss briefly.

7. Write a brief note on personal selling as a career together with difficulties in sales career.

8. Write short note on Relationship between marketing and personal selling

9. Explain various types of salesperson.

Unit – 2: Buying motives

1. What is motivation? Explain Abraham Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation.

2. What is buying motives? What are its various types? Explain its importance in personal selling.

3. Distinguish between Buying motives and Selling points.

Unit – 3: Selling process

1. What is selling process? Explain various steps involved in selling process.

2. What is approach? What are its significance? Explain various methods for making the approach.

3. What is sales presentation? Explain its essentials.

4. What is demonstration? What are its advantages? What are the essentials of a good demonstration?

5. What is objection handling? What are various types of objections? Explain various methods of handling objections.

6. What precautions to be made at the time of handling objections?

7. Write a brief note on closing the sale.

8. Write short notes on:

- Prospecting and qualifying

- Pre-approach

- Customer follow-up or post sales action

Unit – 4: Sales reports, Sales manual, order book, cash memo and ethics

1. What are sales reports? What purpose does it serve? Explain various types of sales reports.

2. What are sales manual? What are its contents? What are essentials of an effective sales manual?

3. What is tour diary? Give a proforma of a tour diary.

4. What is cash memo? What are its contents? Give a proforma of a cash memo.

5. What is order book? Give a proforma of an order book.

6. Write a brief note on ethical aspects in personal selling. Explain various ethical issues from company and customer’s perspective.

7. Explain various factors affecting ethics in personal selling.

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