AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers: Business Studies' 2021 | Class 11 Business Studies Question Papers

Class 11 Business Studies Question Papers
AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers



Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 30

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. (a) Business risk is not likely to arise due to

(1)       Changes in government policy.

(2)       Good management.

(3)       Employee’s dishonesty.

(4)       Power failure.

(Choose the correct answer)                     1

(b) The capital of a company divided into number of parts each one of which are called

(1)       Dividend.

(2)       Profit.

(3)       Rate.

(4)       Share.

(Choose the correct answer)                     1

(c) Which of the following is not private undertaking?

(1)       Partnership.

(2)       Departmental undertaking.

(3)       Joint-stock company.

(4)       Sole trade.

(Choose the correct answer)                     1

(d) Risk is online transaction is

(1)       Diversion of risk.

(2)       Duplicacy of information.

(3)       Misuse of information.

(4)       None of the above.

(Choose the correct answer)                     1

(e)  E-commerce does not include

(1)       A business’s interactions with suppliers.

(2)       A business’s interactions with its customers.

(3)       Interactions among the various departments of a business.

(4)       Interactions among the geographically dispersed units of the business.

(Choose the correct answer)                     1

(f) Social responsibility is

(1)       Same as legal responsibility.

(2)       Broader then legal responsibility.

(3)       Narrower than legal responsibility.

(4)       None of the above.

(Choose the correct answer)                     1

(g) _______ share capital has priority both in repayment of dividend as well as capital. (Fill in the blank)               1

(h) Minimum number of members required for making private company is

(1)       2.

(2)       3.

(3)       5.

(4)       7.

(Choose the correct answer)                     1

2. Why is business considered as economic activity?         2

3. What is meant by unlimited liability?                 2

4. What is public-private enterprise?       2

5. What is meant by Central Bank?           2

6. Give the meaning of B2B Commerce.                 2

7. Write the differences between e-Business and traditional business.     3

8. Write three arguments against social responsibility.     3

9. Write three functions of promoter of a business.          3

10. What are the features of bill of exchange?                    3

11. What are the differences between an ancillary unit and a tiny unit?   3

12. What are the problems faced by small-scale industries?          5

13. Discuss the services provided by wholesalers to the producers of goods and services.  5

14. What are the benefits to a country increase of international business?             5

15. What are the causes of business risk?              5

16. What are the different types of partners of a partnership business?                   5

17. How does the government maintain a regional balance in the country?            5

18. Discuss the natures of services.                          5

19. Elaborate the steps involved in online trading.             8


“Business is essentially a social institution and not merely a profit-making organization.” Comment.          8

20. What is a Memorandum of Association? Briefly explain its clauses.                     8


What is a commercial paper? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Discuss.           8

21. Discuss the services of retailers to the manufacturers and wholesalers.                            8


What is IMF? Discuss its functions.                           8

22. Explain the facilities of set up small business.               8


Discuss in detail the different forms of Public Sector Enterprise. State two main reasons for the failure of such enterprise.                 8


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