2013 AHSEC Salesmanship and Advertising (SAAD) Question Paper, AHSEC Class 12 Question Papers

AHSEC Salesmanship and Advertising (SAAD) Question Paper 2013
Full Marks – 100
Pass Marks – 30
Time – Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Answer as directed.                         1x10=10

1. (a) Which of the following is an internal source of recruiting salesman?

(i) Promotion.

(ii) Advertisement.

(iii) Employment Exchange.

(iv) College.

(b) Good health is a physical / mental trait of a salesman. (Choose the correct word)

(c) _______ is the last link between wholesaler and consumer.

(d) Closing of sale is the first / last step in the process of selling. (Choose the correct word)

(e) Who is an undecided customer?

(f) Advertisement is a personal / non-personal communication. (Choose the correct word)

(g) Mention one benefit of advertising.

(h) Slogan is an important element of advertising copy. (Indicate whether true or false)

(i) What is advertising budget?

(j) Selection of media is an important function of advertising agency. (Indicate whether true or false)

2. What is sales talk?                                      2

3. Mention two distinctions between consumer salesman and travelling salesman.            2

4. What is sales routine?                               2

5. Write two qualities of a salesman.       2

6. What is publicity?                                        2

7. What is truth in advertising?                   2

8. Distinguish between salesmanship and advertising. (Any three)             3

9. Write a short note on market research.                             3

10. Explain briefly the appeal in advertisement.                 3

11. What are techniques of selling?                                          3

12. Write short note on advertising budget.                         3

13. Mention three merits of magazine advertising.            3

14. Write a note on buying motive.                                          3

15. Explain in brief the basic elements of an advertising copy.      3

16. Describe in brief the various types of customers.                        5

17. Discuss the objectives of sales conference.                                    5

18. What is window display? Mention its merits. (Any three)                        2+3=5

19. Explain five features of a good remuneration plan for salesmen.          5

20. Explain five merits of television advertising.                                  5

21. Discuss the disadvantages of newspaper advertising.                5

22. Discuss the different departments of a sales organisation.                      8


Discuss the different methods of training of salesmen.

23. Discuss the functions of various departments of an advertising agency.                            8

24. Explain in brief the various steps involved in market research process.                              8


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