2015 AHSEC Salesmanship and Advertising (SAAD) Question Paper, AHSEC Class 12 Question Papers

AHSEC Salesmanship and Advertising (SAAD) Question Paper 2015
Full Marks – 100
Pass Marks – 30
Time – Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:                                    1x8=8

(a) An ideal remuneration method is one which satisfactory from the point of view of:

(i) Salesman.

(ii) Management.

(iii) Salesman and Management both.

(iv) None of the above.

(b) Write the full form of NGO.

(c) Write the name of the Act which provides protection to consumers in India.

(d) Under the Fixed Salary and Commission Method, salesman is paid only commission on his sales. (Indicate whether true or false)

(e) Suggestive copy is not a type of advertisement copy. (Indicate whether true or false)

(f) In order to be effective the advertisement copy should have / should not have convincing value. (Choose the correct words)

(g) Fear is not a buying motive (Indicate whether true or false)

(h) Write one significance of buying motive.

2. What is sales routine?                               2

3. Write two traits of salesman.                 2

4. What is media planning of advertisement?                                      2

5. What is market research?                        2

6. Write briefly on importance of advertising agency.                       2

7. Write about one method of training of salesman.                         3

8. Write briefly on ‘Straight Commission Method’ on remunerating the salesmen’.                            3

9. Write short note on advertising budget.                            3

10. Write a note on ‘Appeal in advertisement’.                   3

11. Write about needs of market research.                           3

12. Explain the needs for evaluating salesman’s performance.                     3

13. Explain the importance of sales organisation.                                               5

14. Discuss the important steps of salesman selection procedure.              5

15. Explain the necessity of good remuneration for salesmen.                      5

16. Why is evaluation of effectiveness of advertisement necessary? Explain.                         5

17. Briefly explain five factors influencing media planning of advertisement.                         5

18. Discuss the significance of study of buying motives in advertising.                                       5

19. Discuss the various departments of a sales organisation.                         8


Discuss the duties and responsibilities of sales manager.                                 8

20. What is sales quota? Explain the factors determining sales quota.                                       2+6=8

21. What is layout of an advertising copy? Explain the elements of layout of an advertising copy.                 2+6=8


What is advertising copy? Discuss the essential elements of an advertising copy.                 2+6=8

22. What is advertising agency? Discuss its different functions.                    2+6=8


Explain in brief the various steps involved in market research process.                     8


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