2022 AHSEC Salesmanship and Advertising (SAAD) Question Paper, AHSEC Class 12 Question Papers

AHSEC Salesmanship and Advertising (SAAD) Question Paper 2022
Full Marks – 100
Pass Marks – 30
Time – Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:                    1x8=8

(a) What is Sales Report?                                          1

(b) What is a Sales Personality?                              1

(c) Why is a Sales Quota determined?                 1

(d) What is Straight Commission method of wage payment?                     1

(e) What is an advertisement copy?                     1

(f) What is an advertisement budget?                 1

(g) What is Publicity Program?                                1

(h) What is advertising agency?                              1

2. Write two significance of market research?                                     2

3. What is meant by Control of Salesman?                                             2

4. Write the factors that affect media selection of advertisement.                              2

5. What is the need for selection of salesman?                                    2

6. Write a note on ‘remuneration of salesman’.                                  2

7. Write the three direct methods of selling goods by producers to consumers.                    3

8. Write three duties of a sales manager.                                               3

9. Write three purposes of market research.                                        3

10. Write a note on advertising theme.                                                  3

11. Write the basic elements of an advertising copy.                         3

12. Discuss the essentials of advertising appeal.                                  5


What are the objectives of evaluating salesman’s performance?                         5

13. Discuss the role does market survey play in sales promotion.                                5


Write five important stages involved in selection of salesman.                             5

14. Write five factors affecting the size of sales territory?                                               5

15. Write five essentials of a good compensation scheme for salesman.                   5

16. Write a note on the functions of an advertising department.                                 5

17. Write about the services of advertising agency.                           5

18. Distinguish between Salesmanship & Advertising.                      5

19. Discuss the utility of salesman’s report to the company and the salesman.      8

20. Discuss the features of buying motives.                                           8

21. Discuss different techniques of market research.                        8


Write notes on:

(a) Selection of media of advertisement.                       4

(b) Good remuneration plan.                                               4

22. Write notes on:

(a) Utility of an educational advertisement.                  4

(b) Rights of Consumer.                                                         4


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