Retail Management Question Paper 2022, Dibrugarh University B.Com 4th Sem Hons and Non-Hons

 Dibrugarh University B.Com Question Paper
4 & 6 SEM TDC RTMT (CBCS) SEC 4.1 / 6.1
[Skill Enhancement Course]
Paper: SEC-4.1 / 6.1
Full Marks: 40
Pass Marks: 16
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following questions:                         1x4=4

(a) What do you mean by retail?

(b) What is the full form of MRP?

(c) What is the meaning of merchandise?

(d) What is direct marketing?

2. Write short notes on any two of the following:               2x4=8

(a) Pricing and packaging of retail products.

(b) Credit management in retailing.

(c) Retail store image.

(d) Trade licenses.

3. (a) What do you mean by inventory in retailing? Discuss about the supply chain management in retailing.     4+10=14


(b) What is financial management? Write in detail about financial management in retailing.           4+10=14

4. (a) What is promotion? Explain different retail store promotional schemes.      4+10=14


(b) What do you mean by controlling of retail operations? Write the legal implications of retail management in India. 4+10=14


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