Business Regulatory Framework Nov' 2013 | Dibrugarh University | B.Com 1st Sem (Non CBCS Pattern)

2013 (November)
Commerce (General/Speciality)
Course: 102
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 Hours
1.       (a) Discuss the various modes of discharge of contracts.
(b) Write the rules of contingent contracts.

2.    (a) Distinguish between sale and agreement to sale. 
(b) What is warranty? Mention its essential elements. When a condition is treated as a warranty?

3.   (a) Define Bill of Exchange. Discuss its essential elements.  
(b) Write a note on the presumptions in respect of negotiable instruments.

4.   (a) What is ‘complaint’ under the Consumer Protection Act? Who can file a complaint? 
(b) Discuss the composition of State Commission and its jurisdiction.

5.    (a) Explain ‘person’ and person resident in India’ under FEMA.
(b) Who is authorised person’? Elucidate the power of RBI to inspect authorized person.

6.    Write short notes on: Void contract, Days of grace, Price, Coercion

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(a) Offer and acceptance make contract/ agreement.
(b) Quasi-contracts are created by circumstances/ parties.
(c) Sale of goods Act was passed in 1830/ 1930.
(d) Implied warranties are written/ not written in a contract of sale.
(e) In promissory note there are three/ two parties.
(f) Days of grace is allowed/ not allowed in cheque.
(g) Consumer protection Act recognizes eight/ six rights of consumers.
(h) FEMA came into force from June 1, 1999/ 2000.

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