Cost & Management Accounting Question Paper' 2012 | Dibrugarh University B.Com 5th Sem Question Papers

[Management Accounting Question Papers, Dibrugarh University, B.Com 5th Sem, General and Speciality, 2012]

Management Accounting Question Papers' 2012 (Old Course)
Dibrugarh University Question Papers

1.  (a) Explain the concept and classification of Cost Accounting.
(b) Discuss in detail the objective and limitation of Management accounting.

2.  (a) Describe in detail the procedure of the buying material for an industrial concern.
(b) For certain work order, the standard time is 20 hours,wages Rs5 per hour,the actual time taken is 13 hour and factory overhead charges are 80% of standard time.
(i) the halsey bonus system;
(ii) the rowan incentive bonus system

3.  (a)what is job costing? What are the main features of job Order costing ? give a proforma cost sheet under such a system.
(b)what is process costing ? what are the main feature of process costing? Compare and contrast process costing with job costing.

4.   (a) what is marginal costing ? Explain its characterstics and assumptions.


    (b) A company has annual fixed cost of Rs. 1400000. In 2012 sale amounted to Rs. 6000000 as compared to 4500000 in 2011 and profit in 2012 was 420000 higher than 2011.
(i) At what level of sale does the company break- even?
(ii) Determine profit or loss on present sales volume of Rs. 8000000.
(iii) If there is reduction in selling price in 2013 by 10% and the company desire to earn the same  amount of as in 2012, what would be the required sales volume?
5.  (a) discuss brifly the advantage and disadvantage of budgetary control.

(b) For production of 1000 toys, the Following budgeted expenses:
Per unit
Direct material
Direct Labour
Variable overheads
Fixed overhead(Rs.150000)
Variable expenses ( direct)
Selling expenses (10% Fixed )
Administrative expenses(50000 fixed for all level production)
Distribution expenses
You are required to perpare a budget for the production of 6000, 7000 and 8000 toys showing distinctly marginal cost and total cost. 

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