Dibrugarh University Question Papers: Entrepreneurship Development (November' 2016)

Entrepreneurship Development Question Papers
Dibrugarh University B.Com 5th Sem
Commerce (General/Speciality)
Course: 502
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 Hours

1. Answer the following questions as directed:                                                  1x8=8
a)      Mention the name of the person who first used the term ‘entrepreneur’ in economy theory.
b)      Which one of the distinctive qualities is essential of an entrepreneur?
1.       Loyalty.
2.       Innovativeness.
3.       Risk-bearing ability.
4.       Vision.                                  (Choose the correct answer)
c)       Entrepreneurs are ____, not made.                        (Fill in the blank)
d)      What is the greatest problem of women entrepreneur?
e)      What are the full forms of NEDFI and NEITCO?
f)       An entrepreneur in his own master                                                         (Write True or False)
g)      Name V. H. Vroom’s theory of motivation.
h)      Name one of the problems faced by an entrepreneur at the promotional stage.
2. Write short notes on the following:                                                                    4x4=16
a)      Role of small-scale industry in Assam.
b)      Skill development programme.
c)       Problems of rural entrepreneurship.
d)      Weaknesses of EDP.
3. (a) Define entrepreneurship. Explain the different types of entrepreneur.                                      3+9=12
(b) Discuss the essential characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.                                                     12

4. (a) Write about the development of women entrepreneurship in India. Point out the major problems of women entrepreneurship.                                          6+5=11
(b) Distinguish between the following:                                                  5+6=11
1.       Innovative entrepreneur and Imitative entrepreneur.
2.       Women entrepreneur and Rural entrepreneur.
5. (a) What is self-help group? Discuss the procedure for the formation of self-help group.                          2+9=11
(b) What do you understand by leadership? Why does the entrepreneur need leadership quality? Point out the various styles of leadership.                                       2+4+5=11
6. (a) What do you mean by entrepreneurship development programme? Discuss the needs and objectives of entrepreneurship development programme.                                     3+8=11
(b) Critically evaluate the role of the following organizations (agencies) in developing entrepreneurship in North Eastern region:                                                  5½ + 5½ = 11
1.       State Bank of India.
2.       IIE, Guwahati.
7. (a) What are promotional agencies? Discuss the various promotional programmes operated under the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.                                                                 3+8=11
(b) Discuss the following briefly:                               5½ + 5½ = 11
1.       Salient features of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Development Act, 2006.
2.       Role Played by the district industries centre in the economic development.
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
1. (a) Write True or False of the following:                                            1x4=4
a)      Entrepreneurs are born, not made.
b)      The word ‘entrepreneur’ has been derived from the French word ‘entreprendre’.
c)       SHGs are helpful in solving unemployment problems of the State.
d)      Women entrepreneurs have same amenities like male entrepreneurs.
(b) Fill in the blanks of the following:                                                       1+1=2
a)      ____ introduced the term ‘entrepreneurship’.
b)      ____ entrepreneurs are shy and lazy.
(c) Write the full forms of the following:                                                1+1=2
a)      SIDBI.
b)      KVIB.
2. Write short notes on the following:                                                    4x4=16
a)      Qualities of entrepreneur.
b)      Entrepreneurial Motivation.
c)       Imitating entrepreneur.
d)      Self-help group.

3. (a) Define entrepreneurship. Explain its significance.                                  4+7=11
(b) Distinguish between the following:                                                  6+5=11
a)      Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship.
b)      Entrepreneur and Organizer.
4. (a) Critically examine the innovation theory of entrepreneurship.                                        11
(b) Define rural entrepreneurship. Elucidate the advantages and major challenges of rural entrepreneurship.    2+4+5=11
5. (a) Discuss the salient features of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.                  11
(b) Discuss the relevance of ‘entrepreneurial development programme’ in the economic development of a country. 11
6. (a) Write an explanatory note on the needs of institutional support to entrepreneurs.                                              11
(b) Discuss the following in brief:                              6+5=11
a)      Functions of district industries and commerce centre.
b)      Role of IIE.
7. (a) What is venture capital? Describe its sources.                                          4+8=12

(b) What is external environmental analysis? What are the legal requirements for establishment of a new business unit?                4+8