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Sunday, October 01, 2017

AHSEC/CBSE - Class 11 English Notes: My Impressions of Assam

Textual Question and Answers
1. What does Verrier Elwin say about the tradition of courtesy and hospitality in the modern world? What advice does he give to the people of Assam on this point?
Ans. Verrier Elwin Says that the people of Assam are friendly and they show courtesy and hospitality towards foreigners. He has not found this in other countries. He says that it is unhappily a rare thing in the modern world of competition and rivalry. He hopes Assamese people will never loss it.
2. What difference does Verrier Elwin draw between the Game Sanctuaries of Kenya and Kaziranga?
Ans. In East Africa there is a sort of tradition that everybody should co-operate to make the sanctuaries a success. A lot of money is spent on them. On one would dream of poaching. We can see there in a brief drive in our cars, hundred of giraffes, zebras, ostriches, wild elephant and even lions, wandering about near the roads in perfect confidence. But in the Kaziranga game reserve the animals are not altogether sure that they are safe; they do not appear so readily. The public does not co-operate in the same way.

3. What appeal does the author make the scholars of Assam concerning the songs and poems of the state? Why does he make this appeal?

Ans. The author appeals to the scholar of Assam concerning the songs and poems of the state that they should take the trouble to record the duty and old songs and poems of Assam. These old songs are disappearing rapidly as the new generation veers away from the traditional ways, preferring jazz music over Assam, it is very much necessary to preserve the heritage of the stale. So, Verrier Elwin appeals the people of Assam to preserve its traditional music which is like a treasure. It is also necessary to preserve the folk tales and myths associated with the hill of Assam.
4. Why according the Verrier Elwin, should wood carving be taught and encouraged in our educational centres?

Ans. According to Verrier Elwin, we should encourage wood carving in our educational centres because some of the wood carvings of Manipur and Angamis are extraordinarily vigorces and beautiful. We should not let it lost. The Thangkhuls of Manipur make splendid decorations on their houses, so do the Maos and Maroms. The Konyaks adorn their morungs; the Angamis make magnificent village gates; the Phoms and other tribes and expert in fashioning images and pires and decorating drinking mugs or making toys. This art is immensely beautiful and precious but with modernity much of this art is disappearing. Thus, the author fears that if not taught and encouraged at the educational centres wood carving might become a thing of the past.
5. ‘You have a great treasure there’ – What treasure is Verrier Elwin referring to and what is his suggestion about the treasure?
Ans. According to Verrier Elwin our old culture is our great treasure. We should not be ashamed of our own culture. It is a noble and beautiful thing. We should not throw it too readily. In Europe, the European threw with too much and now they are trying desperately to recover it. The author says to the people of Assam. ‘Never look down on the simple and natural things of your village. He tells to study them with love and sympathy. He also tells, ‘You have a great treasure there, good taste, the sense of colour and form, the delight in beauty, the love of rhythm, the right time in music – these are the things that cannot be manufactured by the factory or ordered by an office.’ The old culture grows out of the ancient soil and once they are gone they can never be recovered.
Additional Question and Answers
1. Who was Verrier Elwin?
Ans. Dr. Verrier Elwin was an eminent British author and anthropologist who made the North East his second home.

2. How long did he live in India and In Assam?
Ans. Verrier Elwin lived in India for twenty five years and about four months in Assam.
3. For what purpose Verrier Elwin actually came to Assam?
Ans. Verrier Elwin actually came to Assam to see and study the art of the hill people.
4. What according to the author is one of the bad things of people of Assam?
Ans. According to the author one of the bad things of the people of Assam is ugliness.
5. What appeal does the author make regarding Kaziranga National Park? Why?

Ans. The author appeals to the people of Assam to preserve Kaziranga National Park. Elwin, when compared Kaziranga with the sanctuaries of Kenya, he found that though we assure the safety of the animals in Kaziranga, in actuality the animals are not quite safe. Whereas in Kenya there is a total security for the animal. Elwin says that because of the lack of co-operation from the people it is such. So he appeals to people to co-operate and make Kaziranga a success.

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