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Monday, May 20, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers: Business Environment (Nov-Dec’ 2016)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. (a) Answer the following:                                                                                     1x5=5
1)         State one major cause of low rate of capital formation in India.
2)         Name the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India.
3)         Write the full form of MRTP Act.
4)         What is the basic objective of EXIM policy of India?
5)         Mention the main objective of IMF (International Monetary Fund).
(b) Answer the following (as directed):                                                               1x5=5
1)         The Central Statistical Organisation was established in the year _______ to estimate India’s national income. [Fill in the blank]
2)         The North Eastern Council came into being in the year _______. [Fill in the blank)
3)         The World Trade Organisation (WTO) was set up in _______ to promote multilateral trade. [Fill in the blank]
4)         India is not a member of ‘G-20 Summit’. [State True/False]
5)         In India, economic reforms started since 1951. [State True/False]
2. Write short answers (within 30 words each):                                                    2x5=10
a)         Mention two major features of National Income of India.
b)         State two reasons for need of foreign capital in India.
c)          State two objectives of Fiscal Policy of India.
d)         Name two cottage industries of Assam.
e)         Suggest two measures for industrial development in North Eastern Region.
3. Answer any four from the following (within 200 words each):                          5x4=20
a)         Mention the difficulties in the estimation of National Income in India.
b)         Explain the incidence of poverty in India.
c)          State some major causes of regional imbalances in India.
d)         Mention the basic causes of urban unemployment problem in India.
e)         What are the objectives of SAARC?
f)          Write a short note on Special Economic Zone (SEZs).
4. What do you mean by Business Environment? Explain briefly the various components of business environment in a country.                                                                                  2+8=10
5. What is economic planning? Briefly explain the primary objectives of five year plans of India.                                                                                                                                               2+8=10
What are the objectives of Monetary Policy of India? Explain briefly various tools of Monetary Policy to achieve economic and price stability in India.                                         5+5=10
6. Explain the factors responsible for Balance of Payment crisis in India in recent years. Analyse the various solutions to this problem.                                                                         6+4=10
What is Globalisation? Critically examine the impact of globalization on Indian economy with reference to industry and agriculture.                                                                            2+8=10
7. Explain the problems and prospects of Tourism Industry of North Eastern Region.      5+5=10
Explain the recent crisis faced by Tea Industry in Assam. Analyse the government efforts for the development of Tea Industry in Assam.                                                             5+5=10


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