AHSEC - Class 11 Question Paper: Political Science' 2016

AHSEC Class 11 Political Science Question Paper 2016
Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
PART – A (Indian Constitution at Work)

1. Answer the following questions as directed:                     1x6=6
a)         Which Article of the Constitution declares India as ‘Union of States’?
b)         Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution in India?
c)          In which Part of the Constitution of India are the Directive Principles of State Policy included?
d)         The Fundamental Rights are integral part of the Constitution of India. (Write Yes or No).
e)         The basis of ‘Universal Audit Franchise’ is age / education / property. (Choose the correct answer)
f)          Is every citizen a voter?
2. Mention two unitary features of the Indian Constitution.                                                         2
3. Write two fundamental duties of the Indian citizens.                                                                  2
4. How many members can be nominated to the Lok Sabha? From which community such members are nominated?      2
5. Mention any two qualifications prescribed for the members of the Rajya Sabha.          2
6. Who appoints the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? What is the term of office of the Chief Justice?                              2
7. Write two limitations of the Constitution of India.                                                                        2
8. Explain the advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India.                                             4
9. Mention any four weaknesses of the electoral system of India.                                            4
10. Mention four special circumstances under which the Parliament can legislate over State subjects.                     4
11. Write four functions of a Gaon Panchayat under the Assam Panchayat Act, 1994.     4
12. Write a note on the 42rd Amendment of the Constitution of India.                   4
13. Explain the emergency powers of the President of India.                                                       6
Who is the head of the State in India? Discuss briefly his constitutional position.   1+5=6
14. Discuss the powers and functions of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.                                  6
Discuss the relationship between the two Houses of the Indian Parliament.                  6
(Political Theory)

15. Answer the following questions as directed                1x6=6
a)         Who first used the term ‘politics’?
b)         “History without Political Science has no fruit, Political Science without History has no root.” Who said this?
c)          Who wrote the book, On Liberty?
d)         Give an example of an economic equality.
e)         An alien can be expelled from the State. (Write Yes or No).
f)          Mention one principle for acquisition of natural citizenship by birth.
16. What do you mean by negative liberty?                                                                                         2
17. What is political equality?                            2
18. Mention two differences between social justice and economic justice.                           2
19. Write any two characteristics of ‘Rights’.                                                                                        2
20. Mention two measures to strengthen secularism in India.                                                     2
21. Mention two main reasons for growing violence in our society.                                           2
22. Write the relationship between Economics and Political Science.                                        4
23. Mention four differences between citizen and alien.                  4
24. Write four limitations of nationalism.                                                                                               4
25. Mention four main features of a secular society.                                                                        4
26. Write a note on the adverse impact of development on ecology.                                       4
27. Explain the negative and the positive concepts of liberty.                                                      6
“Political liberty without economic equality is meaningless.” Explain.              6
28. Explain the relationship between Rights and Duties.                   6
Write a note on means of safeguarding citizen’s rights.            6


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