Education Question Paper' 2016 | AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2016

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper 2016

Education Question Paper' 2016

AHSEC Class 12 Education Question Paper

Full Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 30

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions1     

1.  Answer the following questions :
(a)    “Destiny of India is now shaped in her classroom.” This statement was given by – commission.
(b)   The distance between teacher and student is an important characteristic of ------ education.
(c)    ‘World Environment Day’ is observed on -------------.
(d)   The original name of the present Cotton Collegiate School was ---------------.
(e)   Swimming is possible because of -------------- memory.
(f)     The three important functions of mental hygiene are preventive, curative and ---------.
Give short answer in one sentence:
(g)    Write the name of the person who took initiative to formulate ‘National Policy on Education, 1986’.
(h)   Write the name of the first open university of Assam (full name)
(i)      Who introduced the concept of Population Education?
(j)     Mention one social quality of a mentally healthy person.
(k)    Write the formula for finding out mean by ‘assumed mean method’.
(l)      From a batch of 15 students who had appeard for an examination, 5 students failed. The marks of the successful students were – 40, 58, 48, 66, 78, 60, 70, 55, 44, 72. Calculate the median.

2.       Mention two suggestions given by Mudliar Commission for the development of leadership qualities among the student.

3.       What does it mean by ‘National System of Education’?
Write the structure of Secondary Education as suggested by Kothari Commission.

4.       Mention two changes brought in the secondary education system in Assam on the basis of recommendations of Mudaliar Commission.
5.       Mention two groups of people who may get benefit of Non-formal Education.

Mention two merits of Open Education.
6.       Mention two characteristics of Environmental Education.
7.       Mention two laws of use and disuse of learning.
8.       “There is no place for creativity in memory.” Explain.
“Nita has learnt first poem from her book. But after learning the second poem she forgot the first one.” Give psychological reason.
9.       “volitional attention may create interest.” Give an example and explain.
10.   “Mental health is a relative concept.” Give reasons.
11.   Explain the relationship between mental health and physical health.
12.   What is Mode? The mean of a distribution is 25 and Median is 30. Find out the Mode.
13.   What is Median? Write two demerits of Median.
14.   Mention four defects of Secondary Education in India as pointed out by Mudaliar Commission of 1952-53.
15.   What were the suggestions made by Kothari Commission to relate productivity and education?
16.   Discuss about four measures to impart Environmental Education in educational institutions.
Explain the importance of women empowerment.
17.   Distinguish between learning and maturation.
18.   What is insight? Mention three characteristics of insightful learning.
19.   How is learning possible through trial and error? Explain with example.
What are the bearings of conditioning in classroom learning?
20.   “Absence of attention indicates absence of interest.” Discuss.
21.   “A mentally healthy person is also in need of mental hygiene.”
22.   Distinguish between histogram and polygon.
23.   Represent the following data of students enrolled in a primary school by pi diagram :
No. of Students

24.   What is Non-formal Education? Discuss about its characteristics.
What is Distance Education? Show your acquaintance with the nature of Distance Education.
25.   What do you mean by Population Education? Mention four objectives of Population Education.
26.   Define memory. What are the marks of good memory?
What is forgetting? Discuss about four important causes of forgetting.
27.   Find out Quartile Deviation from the following distribution table :
Class Interval

N = 60
For Blind Candidates only
(In lieu of Question Nos. 1(k), 1(l), 12, 13, 22, 23 and 27)
28.   Answer the following questions in brief (any four) :
(a)    Write a short note on vocationalization of Secondary Education.
(b)   What are the objectives of Physical Education?
(c)    What is the educative value of law of effect? Explain.
(d)   Distinguish between recall and recognition.
(e)   Mention four characteristics of attention.
(f)     Explain the scope of mental hygiene.
* * *

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