Gauhati University Question Papers: Marketing of Services (May-June'2018)

Paper: 602
Full Marks – 80
Time – Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Answer the following questions as directed:                                                         1x10=10
a)         Write one example of new generation services.
b)         Give one reason for new service development.
c)          The success of a service mostly depends on internal marketing / external marketing. (Choose the correct one)
d)         The area where employees’ action takes place is called _______. (Fill in the blank)
e)         Write the full form of IRCTC.
f)          In its advertisement for tourism who uses the slogan ‘INCREDIBLE INDIA’?
g)         Mention one product mix of LICI.
h)         Introducing a service at low initial price is called –
1)         Prestige Pricing.
2)         Psychological Pricing.
3)         Penetration Pricing.
4)         Skimming Pricing.
i)           ‘Educational counseling’ is not included in product mix of Banking Services. (Write true or false)
j)           In case of Health Care Services consumers exhibit –
1)         HIPS.
2)         LIPS.
3)         ZIPS(Select the right option)
2. Shortly answer the following:                                              2x5=10

a)         What is Basic Service Package?
b)         Mention two sales promotion tools employed by service organisations.
c)          State any two bases for classification of services with examples.
d)         Discuss two strategies for enhancing employee’s participation in service marketing.
e)         What is Service Differentiation?
3. Write short answer of any four of the following:                                   5x4=20
a)         What are the expanded 3Ps in Service Marketing Mix? Briefly explain.
b)         Write a short note on eight petals in the flower of service.
c)          What are the steps in consumer pre-purchase decision making stage?
d)         What are the benefits of Franchising for distribution of services?
e)         Based on nationality, classify different types of users of services of hotel industry.
f)          Write about front office and back office in the service system.
4. With reference to marketing, explain the various activities undertaken by service sector in India. 10
Discuss the essential steps in the process of development of a new service.
5. What are the challenges of intangibility in service industry? Differentiate between goods and service marketing.
“Marketing of services draw the attention on decisions related to the level of product”.
In the light of the statement discuss the various levels of service products.
6. What is information search? Discuss the types of sources of information the customers may refer for making a purchase decision.                                            2+8=10
What is service evaluation? Explain the roles of customers in evaluating of a service experience.     3+7=10
7. Explain the concept of ‘Tourist’. Discuss in brief the marketing mix for tourism services. 2+8=10
What are the different market segments for transportation service in India?
Give a brief account of market segmentation of Indian Railways.                   5+5=10


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