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Friday, June 12, 2020

Gauhati University Question Papers:INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN BUSINESS (May-June’ 2019)

Paper: 601
Full Marks – 80
Pass Marks – 24
Time – Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
Answer either in English or in Assamese.
1. Select the correct alternative from the following:     1x10=10
               i.The fastest memory in a computer is
a)      ROM
b)      RAM
c)       Cache memory
d)      None of these
             ii.Which of the following is the largest memory unit?
a)      Byte
b)      Bit
c)       Kilobyte
d)      Megabyte
            iii.The storage device that has highest cost per bit of storage is

a)      RAM
b)      Hard disk
c)       Compact disk
d)      SD card
           iv.OMR stands for
a)      Optical Memory Reader
b)      Optical Mark Reader
c)       Optical Mark Regulator
d)      Organised Memory Reader
             v.GUI stands for
a)      Graphical Universal Input
b)      Group Universal Interface
c)       Graphical User Interface
d)      Group Universal Input
           vi.To permanently delete a file or folder from the compute, which of the following must be pressed?
a)      Ctrl + Delete
b)      Alt + Delete
c)       Delete + Enter
d)      Shift + Delete
          vii.Machine language is also called?
a)      High level language
b)      Assembly language
c)       C ++
d)      Low level language
        viii.Which of the following is an application software?
a)      Microsoft office
b)      Database Management System
c)       Image Editor
d)      All of these are correct
           ix.Which of the following does not come under the guided media?
a)      Optical fiber
b)      Coaxial cable
c)       Microwave
d)      Twisted Pair
             x.Which of the following layer is absent in TCP/IP model?
a)      Presentation
b)      Physical
c)       Application
d)      Network

2. Answer the following question:   2x5=10
               i.What is mail merge?
             ii.Differentiate between hardware and software?
            iii.What is an interpreter?
           iv.What is a Macro?
             v.Write a general formula using which one can calculate the sum of certain cells of the spreadsheet.

3. Answer any four of the following questions:      5x4=20
               i.Describe the memory hierarchy of a computer system.
             ii.What is deadlock? How deadlock can be avoided?
            iii.What do you mean by information kiosk? Write how information kiosk can help in agricultural development in India.
           iv.What is internet browser? How an internet browser can help us to surf the internet?
             v.What are the various types of charts available in MS Excel? Describe the steps involved in creating a chart.
           vi.Describe how to make one good presentation using MS PowerPoint.

4. Answer any four of the following questions:   10x4=40
               i.What is an operating system? Explain the various types of operating system.
             ii.Define a Process. Diagrammatically explain the life cycle of process.
            iii.Describe the OSI Reference model.
           iv.Describe about the different network topologies.
             v.Describe the different features of MS Word.
           vi.Write about the application Information Technology in commercial activities such as transportation, communication and banking.
          vii.Describe how to store records by using MS Access. Also describe the advantages of using MS Access to store data or records to that of an ordinary file.
        viii.Describe a computer system with the help of a block diagram showing different components and interconnections. The interconnection must indicate the direction of data and instruction flow among the components.

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