Retail Management Question Papers' 2017 | Dibrugarh University Question Papers

 2017 (November)

COMMERCE (Speciality)

Course: 504 (Retail Management)

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

(New Course)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 24

Time: 3 hours

1. Write True or False:                                                    1x8=8

(a) Retailing does not form an integral part of the marketing mix.

(b) Retail market today has transformed itself into a seller’s market from a buyer’s market.

(c) Retailers are the last link in the distribution system.

(d) The ultimate goal of ABC analysis is to closely supervise the items according to their share in the inventory management.

(e) Efficient material handling is the result of efficient planning.

(f) Inventory Control is a minor component of ‘physical distribution system’ of a retail organisation.

(g) VED analysis means valuable, essential and desirable analysis of materials.

(h) Retailing offers employment opportunity to all age groups irrespective of age and gender, qualification or religion.

2. Write short notes on any four of the following:             4x4=16

(a) Customer relationship Management

(b) Direct marketing

(c) Convenience Stores

(d) Global retailing

(e) Retail co-operatives

(f) Store management

3. (a) What is retailing? Explain the scope of retailing in Indian context of marketing.        4+10=14


(b) Explain in detail the emerging trends of retail sector in India.                14

4. (a) Describe various functions of retail stores in India.                                14


(b) Briefly explain the characteristics of supermarkets. Why are supermarkets becoming more and more popular in Indian context? Explain.             7+7=14

5. (a) What is logistic management? Discuss the various functions of logistics management in retailing.   4+10=14


(b) What do you mean by warehousing? Explain the basic operational functions of a warehouse.              4+10=14

6. (a) Elaborate the difference between organized and unorganized retailing.     14


(b) Explain in detail the emerging challenges before the Indian retailers in the context of global retailing.              14

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(Old Course)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

Time: 3 hours

1. Write True or False:                                                    1x8=8

(a) MRO inventories mean maintenance, repairs and operating supplies which are consumed during the production process.

(b) Average stock prices is calculated by dividing the value of the total merchandise in stock by the total quantity in stock.

(c) Supermarkets usually rely on low inventory turnover and built outside the city or town to provide good parking facilities.

(d) Material handling is a method for stocking material.

(e) Retailing consists of selling merchandise form a retail store in large quantities directly to the consumers.

(f) Wholesalers are the link between manufacturers and customers.

(g) Customers have no impact upon store’s policies and decisions.

(h) A good location not only attracts customers but reduces day-to-day loading, unloading and distribution cost.

2. Write short notes on any four of the following:                             4x4=16

(a) Supermarket

(b) Mobile Van Retailing

(c) Economic Order Quantity

(d) Transport Optimization

(e) Logistic Management

(f) Unorganised Retailing

3. (a) Define retail management. Explain the scope and importance of retailing in India. 2+2+7=11


(b) Explain in detail the emerging trends in retail sectors in India. 11

4. (a) Describe the different types of retailing and their relative functions.     11


(b) What is departmental store? Discuss the features of a departmental store.  4+7=11

5. (a) What do you mean by store location? Describe the various factors to be considered for selecting a location for starting a retail store.     3+8=11


(b) Define the term ‘inventory’. Explain the different types of inventories of an organised retail store.   3+8=11

6. (a) What do you mean by distribution channel? Explain the importance of distribution channel in modern marketing.   3+8=11


(b) Discuss the various types of wholesalers along with their relative functions.   11

7. (a) Explain the emerging opportunities and challenges in retailing by Indian retailing sectors.           12


(b) Elaborate the growth and development of organised retail trade in India.        12


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