Computer Application in Business' 2021 (Held in 2022), Dibrugarh University B.Com 3rd and 5th Sem, CBCS Pattern

Dibrugarh University B.Com Question Paper 
3 & 5 SEM TDC CAB (CBCS) SEC 3.1/5.1
COMPUTER APPLICATION IN BUSINESS 2021 (Held in January/February, 2022)
(Skill Enhancement Course)
Paper: SEC-3.1/5.1
Full Marks: 40
Pass Marks: 16
Time: 2 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following:        2x5=10

(a)       State two advantages of MS-Word.

(b)       What is a spreadsheet?

(c)        What is the use of template?

(d)       What is animation in PowerPoint?

(e)       What is the use of bar chart in excel?

2. Answer any two questions:                     5x2=10

(a)       Explain the utilities of MS-Word as an office automation tool.

(b)       Explain the concept of mail merge.

(c)        Explain some of the important mathematical functions of excel.

3. Answer any two questions:                     5x2=10

(a)       Explain the process of designing project involving multiple spreadsheets.

(b)       Explain the concept of database and test functions.

(c)        Briefly describe the process of creating payroll statements in spreadsheet.

4. (a) Explain the feature of graphical representation of data along with frequency distribution and its statistical parameters.        10


(b) Explain the complete process of linking contracts from database using mail-merge technique.   10


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