AHSEC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2022

AHSEC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2022

AHSEC Class 12 Economics Question Papers 2022
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24
Time: Three Hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.


1. (a) Define involuntary unemployment.                              1

(b) What is effective demand?                                   1

(c) What do you understand by depreciation of capital?                  1

(d) GNP = GDP = _______. (Fill in the blank)                          1

(e) What is foreign exchange market?                                     1

(f) Which of the following transactions are included in the current account of Balance of Payment?   1

(1) Import and Export of goods.

(2) Import and Export of services.

(3) Unilateral transfer.

(4) All of the above. (Choose the correct option)

2. Write the difference between GDP at market price and GDP at factor cost.        2


Write one similarity and one difference between intermediate goods and capital goods. 1+1=2

3. What do you understand by ‘Paradox of Thrift’?            2


What is aggregate supply? Explain.           2

4. Write two differences between direct tax and indirect tax.       2

5. What are the components of high-powered money?                   2


Define Bank Rate and Cash Reserve Ratio.             1+1=2

6. Write two differences between Balance of Payment and Balance of Trade.        2

7. Write in brief the ideas of fixed exchange rate and flexible exchange rate.         2

8. What is investment multiplier? If a new investment of Rs. 300 crore increases National Income by Rs. 1,200 crore, calculate the value of investment multiplier. In this case, what will be the value of MPC?         1+1+2=4


Briefly discuss the components of aggregate demand.     4

9. Write the differences between the following concepts: (any two)          2+2=4

(a) Autonomous investment and Induced investment.

(b) Ex-ante consumption and Ex-post consumption.

(c) Marginal propensity to consume and Marginal propensity to save.

(d) Marginal propensity to consume and Average propensity to consume.

10. Discuss four main functions of Central Bank.                                 4


Explain how commercial banks create credit.       4

11. Discuss the components of Government Budget.        4


Define the following:      1+1+1+1=4

(1) Fiscal Deficit.

(2) Primary Deficit.

(3) Planned governmental expenditure.

(4) Non-planned government expenditure.

12. Explain how GDP is calculated using Income method.               6


Discuss the reasons why GDP can’t be used as an index of country’s welfare.        6

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13. (a) Define sustainable development.                1

(b) During British rule, decay of Indian handicrafts was caused by –            1

(1) Discriminatory tariff policy of the British Government.

(2) Competition from machine-made products.

(3) Change in patterns of demand.

(4) All of the above. (Choose the correct option)

(c) In which year the NITI Ayog was formed?        1

(d) What is the difference between ‘Labour Force’ and ‘Work Force’?       1

(e) Mention one similarity of the economic policies adopted by India and Pakistan.            1

(f) The ‘Great Leap Forward’ campaign in China focused on –        1

(1) Privatisation.

(2) Widespread industrialisation.

(3) Development of services sector.

(4) Economic reform. (Choose the correct option)

14. Mention two major industrial sector reforms in the Indian economy under the policy of liberalisation.               2


Write about two positive effects of LPG policies in the Indian economy. 2

15. Write two merits of GST.       2


What is demonetisation? Mention one positive effect of demonetisation in the Indian economy. 2

16. What is structural composition of an economy? As on 2021, which sector contributed highest to the GDP of India? 1+1=2


Write two characteristics of small-scale industries.                            2

17. Write two differences between economic infrastructure and social infrastructure.      2


Write about two problems faced by the power sector in India.     2

18. Write any two measures undertaken by the Government of India to improve agricultural marketing. 2


What do you understand by diversification of agriculture?                             2

19. What are the three main approaches undertaken by Government of India to alleviate poverty?     2


Write a short note on MGNREGA.                            2

20. Discuss the goals of planning in India.              4


Briefly discuss two positive and two negative impacts of Green Revolution.                           2+2=4

21. Write a comparative note on the demographic indicators for India, China and Pakistan.            4


(a) Write two reasons for rapid economic development in China.                2

(b) Write two reasons for slow economic growth in Pakistan.        2

22. Write about different types of unemployment.           4

23. Is economic growth, a cause of environmental degradation? Justify your answer.        4


(a) Write two causes of global warming.                 2

(b) Suggest two measures for attaining sustainable development in India.               2

24. What is organic farming? Discuss its merits and demerits.                                       1+5=6


What is Human Capital? Discuss the sources of human capital formation.               1+5=6


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